‘Just Do It’ Narcissism | Self-Love for Sale | UTNE Reader |

I have to admit, I am guilty, with respect to being way too involved in worrying about me, my self, and I… and my own self-perceived developments, strengths, weaknesses, need for improvement….

This article “Self-Love for Sale” reprinted in UTNE Reader, is put forth by the author David Sirota.

He’s talking about the Western World mentality, and specifically American focus on the individual, to the point that talking about ‘doing something for the better of the community’, causes politicians to be snickered at and disregarded. It’s a very interesting and fascinating commentary.

Sirota mentions that getting away with some forms of narcissistic behavior are okay at one level, when it’s not intruding on anyone else. There is, however, potential for damage when the achievement of fame and wealth becomes the central organizing objective of society. The future of the republic is threatened by a sharp increase in the number of people who care only about themselves, and the earth’s ecosystem may not survive the scourge of the smog-belching and gas-guzzling “me” culture that first spread in the late 1970s and 1980s. This modern blast of narcissism all but defines America now, an ugly symptom of a deeper infection that predates the rise of the Internet.