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The Universe | a Multiverse of | Parallel Universes |

Let me start this all over again. I looked at this blog last evening, horrified, well astonished anyway, at the grammatical errors that I saw beaming out at me in just the first sentences, corrected these immediately and went on writing into the early morning, to wake up to look at the same mistakes beaming back at me. Somehow all the edits I wrote, ‘updated’ and subsequently previewed, vanished – despite the alleged ‘autosave’ feature. The process of researching and writing this has started to spin off into hours, upon hours of multi-verses ‘-))

The scientific pop-culture video which I watched in 2008, for which I referenced the various scientists featured in the production at the end of this blog, has since been taken ‘off the air’. However, embedded within this blog, Curiosity: Parallel Universes – Are They Real ? are a series of videos on the same subject – Parallel Universes – produced by the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, National Geographic and the BBC. The top one half-way down the page features a 42 minute video narrated by Morgan Freeman, produced by the Discovery Channel in 2011. It communicates the subject clearly to the lay person, describing the statistical likelihood that we don’t just live in one uni-verse, but in an infinite expansion of many universes, or a mulitverse of parallel universes. The patterns repeat, infinitely. Here is more information on the subject multiverse. One scientist, Andre Linde describes the inflation cosmology theory. However another physicist, Paul Steinhart has a different view. He imagines an additional fourth spatial dimension to our three-dimensional world, which is separate by only a very thin membrane; a separate, parallel universe that doesn’t actually interact with ours. The theory is called the Brane cosmology.

The producers elicit that the mathematical calculations of theoretical physicists – who describe the infinitesimally small world of microscopic particles – and cosmologists – whose scope is the infinitely large one of the cosmos and its origins, project a world that goes beyond the 3 dimensions of time and space (width, length and depth), to one of 11 dimensions. And both describe this exciting world of vibrating membranes, on the microscopic and cosmic level.

In particle physics, theoretical physicists describe the movements of electrons and quarks within atoms, as being 1-dimensional lines, or vibrating “strings”, the oscillating movement distinguishing them from being 0-dimensional objects. The successive different versions of String theory have expanded into M-theory, referring to vibrating membranes. M-theory is an extension of string theory involving 11 dimensions.

In fact, M theory explains how the tiniest and the largest things in the universe function. Scientists looking at how the universe was formed and how it’s shaped, propose an origin describing super-sized membranes colliding with each other, producing an expansion of bubbles, each containing universes expanding in the bulk. It proposes that among a myriad of membranes, our universe is tethered to just one membrane wall.

You can read more about “Bubble Collisions in the very early universe“.

These giant walls of energetic matter, separate universes, float side by side, like huge sheets in the bulk/hyperspace. The membranes can be very close to each other, perhaps just a millimeter apart. An entire universe can be attached to a brain, or a universe can occupy the whole of another one. Look, I’m not making this up, I’m perhaps a bit sloppily mashing the concepts together, because indeed, I’m not a physicist nor a mathematician, but someone intellectually and emotionally interested in the subject matter!

Physicists realize that to make sense of everything, Einstein’s principles of gravity in unison with quantum mechanics, the universe must exist in 11 dimensions. 6 or 7 of them in all probability are very tiny, and exist right in front of us.

Among the different interpretations of parallel universes; level 1 describes that statistically, duplicate universes must exist, but would be so far away that the light would never reach us for us to be able to detect them. Level 2 describes replica universes, separated from us in time and space. In the level 3 parallel universe, duplicates exist right here, right now, present in the exact same space and time, but undetectable by us because they are in a different dimension; among which there are an infinite number of them – in the many worlds theory. One small quantum difference could separate you from an entire universe, where there are multiple copies of yourself.

In the world of quantum mechanics, electrons have been detected to appear, then disappear, and can be in multiple places at the same time. This is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Just as electrons can exist in several places at the same time, so can these parallel universes. Parallel universes occupy the same space, in a different dimension.

Scientists at Fermi Lab are looking for these extra dimensions, through smashing microscopic particles together at super speeds in large particle accelerators. They say that the smoking gun (scientific evidence that is highly suggestive in favor of the hypothesis) is gravity, a very weak force. The particles that carry gravity are called gravitons. Physicists look for the disappearance of gravitons during the collision of particles, indicating that they’ve slipped off to another dimension.

As I watched this video, taking screen grabs and also sound clips (as I am producing a new song called “string_to_m_theory”, as I was saving the second last file regarding multiple.universes 2, two sound clips shot out so that suddenly there were two simultaneous windows, saving the same sound clip, at the same time. Then when I got to this place in the video which I wanted specifically to record the physicist, Max Tegmark of MIT making a statement, in order to loop it, the computer spun out a second window of the same video, so that now two were playing at the same time, which was captured in that 2_mutiple.universe.mp3 clip. Weird!

What scientists theorize, is that these passageways, bridges or portals between different dimensions, are what are called worm holes, or “Einstein-Rosen Bridges”, since it was Albert Einstein and his colleague in 1935 who first conceptualized these hypothetical features in spacetime, as shortcuts, from one dimension to another.

Though it may be theoretically impossible for a human being to survive moving through a wormhole, the biggest problem is that you wouldn’t know where you might wind up. One idea that scientists have, is that if this wormhole is microscopic in size, they could build an atom-sized nanobot (in the realm of nanotechnology, a microscopic-sized robot), to carry the DNA of the human species with it, to seed another dimension, just as the seeds from trees pollinate the area around them carried by the wind. Scientists believe that if a future high-tech generation were able to create enough energy – such as by focusing numerous high-powered laser beams to the same point – that this enormous concentration of energy (Planck’s constant) could burn a hole into the fabric of spacetime, to induce a wormhole. Enormous energy concentrated at a single point could cause space and time itself to become unstable, causing little bubbles to form.

Bubbles which are gateways or portals to other universes. In other words, they would be playing God.

The physicists who were being interviewed for this documentary.


For your information: I’m currently writing a book (under the guise of a Children’s book, yet for teenagers on up ‘-), in which I’m incorporating basic physics concepts into the tale. A quest of two characters’ towards reaching this utopian place. I then intend to create an e-book, in which music compositions will accompany the text and illustrations. I’m a bit daunted, yet somehow these various blogs I’ve been involved in are ultimately part of the research. I’ve decided to not yet make the title public!

| Yes Lab | report on Clowns attacking Wall Street Bull

Speaking of masks and clowns, here they are engaged in political activism in NYC !-))

Matador, bull both survive to fight another day

Photos and video: http://www.yeslab.org/bull

A small group of Occupy Wall Street activists engaged in a near-successful corrida against the Wall Street Bull.

The incident began when two clowns, Hannah Morgan and Louis Jargow, scaled the steel barricades protecting the landmark. The clowns began spanking and climbing the beast as well as playing the harmonica, traditional ways of coaxing a bull into anger in preparation for a Castilian corrida, or bullfight.

Within seconds, police officers grabbed both clowns by their colorful shirts and wrestled one of them (Jargow) to the ground. The other (Morgan) continued to play the harmonica until an officer removed it from her mouth.

With the officers thus occupied, a matador in full traje de luces leapt onto the hood of the patrol vehicle parked in front of the bull and boldly presented his blood-red cape to the beast.

“I wondered whether I, neophyte matador, could bring down this behemoth, world-famous for charging towards profit while trampling underfoot the average worker,” said the OWS activist/torero whose first fight this was. “Come what may, I knew I must try.”

Police officers took no notice of the matador, occupied as they were with the clowns.

“This bull has ruined millions of lives!” wailed clown Jargow as he lay on the ground face-down. “Yet he and his accomplices have been rewarded with billions of our tax dollars—and we, here to put a stop to it all, are thrown to the ground. ¡Un escándalo!”

Both clowns were charged with disorderly conduct and released an hour later; they returned to Zuccotti Park to great fanfare. The Wall Street bull continues to rage.

This is a nice pick, the angle taken:


Meanwhile across the United States



the identity behind the mask | which differentiates my group from your group |

A Polish neurologist acquaintance of mine sent me this article, continuing with the theme of our previous discussion. It’s all about the personas that each of us human beings pull around ourselves like a veil. The word person, is derived from the Latin word referencing the masks that Greek actors wore on stage, to be seen from people far away. I touched on the subject of masks in an earlier blog, referring to these gangs in Los Angeles who use masquerade together with dance, as a stand-off against other gangs.

The blog “You Are Not So Smart: A Celebration of Self Delusion, prominently states in the introduction to the concept.

The Misconception: You are a rational, logical being who sees the world as it really is; who celebrates diversity and respects others points of view.

The Truth: You are driven to create and form groups and then believe that others are wrong, just because they are others. ! you are as deluded as the rest of us !

“You Are Not So Smart” is a blog devoted to self delusion and irrational thinking. “There is a growing body of research suggesting you have no idea why you act or think the way you do. The origins of your emotional states, your motivations, your behaviors and beliefs are largely inaccessible to your conscious mind.”

The particular article my friend sent, entitled the illusion of asymmetric insight, talks about the various masks that we use and identify ourselves with, both individually and in groups. What is asymmetric, is the lopsided way that we tend to believe that we understand what lies behind another person or group’s mask, yet feel that the other could not begin to comprehend the degree of complexity that lies beyond our own.

“The idea is this: You put on a mask and uniform before leaving for work. You put on another set for school. You have costume for friends of different persuasions and one just for family. Who you are alone is not who you are with a lover or a friend….and if you don’t step back occasionally and feel a bit bizarre how you are wearing a socially constructed mask and uniform, you are probably a psychopath.”

“You know, as a citizen of the Internet, you obfuscate the truth of your character. You hide your fears and transgressions and vulnerable yearnings for meaning, for purpose, for connection. “… So, you don social masks just like every human going back to the first campfires….You seem rather confident in them, in their ability to communicate and conceal that which you want on display and that which you wish was not. Groups too don these masks. Political parties establish platforms, companies give employees handbooks, countries write out constitutions, tree houses post club rules. Every human gathering and institution from the Gay Pride Parade to the KKK works to remain connected by developing a set a norms and values which signals to members when they are dealing with members of the in-group and help identify others as part of the out-group. The peculiar thing though is that once you feel this, once you feel included in a human institution or ideology, you can’t help but see outsiders through a warped lens called the illusion of asymmetric insight.”

In a series of experiments and questionnaires put out by a cross study or researchers at Stanford together with the University of Illinois, the data gathered revealed that “Most people rated their insight into their best friend as keen, yet in the other direction, felt that the insight that their friend’s possessed of them was lacking”….and when it came to groups, “Both groups thought they knew more about their opponents than their opponents knew about themselves.”

“The illusion of asymmetric insight makes it seem as though you know everyone else far better than they know you, and not only that, but you know them better than they know themselves.”

“The researchers explained this is how one eventually arrives at the illusion of naive realism, or believing your thoughts and perceptions are true, accurate and correct, therefore if someone sees things differently than you or disagrees with you in some way it is the result of a bias or an influence or a shortcoming. You feel like the other person must have been tainted in some way, otherwise they would see the world the way you do – the right way.”

“All primates depend on groups to survive and thrive, and human groups thrive most of all. It is in your nature to form them….humans have an innate drive to develop and observe norms and rituals (which) will express itself even in a cultural vacuum, but there is a dark side to this behavior. As psychologist Jonathan Haidt says, our minds “unite us into teams, divide us against other teams, and blind us to the truth.”

“When you feel the warm comfort of belonging to a team, a tribe, a group – to a party, an ideology, a religion or a nation – you instinctively turn others into members of outgroups, into outsiders.”

If this peaks your interest, read the entire article for yourself! I just wanted to skip to the poignant parts and paraphrase it, for those who don’t have the time or inclination.

Today, scanning the headlines, I found an article which magnetically pulled my attention to it. Once I listened to but the first featured video of an interview with this professor of philosophy, it resonated with me. I write about it in my other blog.


The philosopher, A.C. Grayling talks about the fact that the meaning which lies behind things/events, effectively comes from whatever we personally designate – as that which has this or that value. And that our universe, the world that we each create around ourself, is all there is. There is no God, no other deities, just us, that render its meaning. A concept which in itself, is quite a frightening responsibility.

Halloween in Berlin | A deliriously decadant costume party at White Trash |

Okay, I don’t know about you, but when I catch the clock repeatedly at 11:11, or like I have in the last weeks, again and again at the hour on the hour, 00:00, 9:00, 15:00, 21:00… I begin to question why? I don’t know why this keeps repeatedly happening, with such frequency. It’s not like I’m always looking at the clock or have this self-fulfilling need to weave meaning into it, I’m just saying that’s it’s been happening A LOT, several times a day, for the last weeks. I find it peculiarly poignant. I usually try to be aware of what I happen to be doing at that moment – often I’m on the computer – and then flash on what I’m researching, pondering, what information I’m accessing, executing…on my laptop at that moment, and reflect that I guess I’m doing the right thing.

With that said, it was with the aim to go to the American owned club in Berlin “White Trash Fast Food”, to see my friends playing in their band Mamasweed, http://www.myspace.com/mamasweed on Halloween night. This venue was what I was looking forward to. I love Halloween, as do many Americans, and the myriad costumes pouring out into the sidewalk last night gave the natives something to gawk at.

Several days earlier I happened to check out, as I have been with more frequency in the last year, Rob Brezsny’s San Francisco based astrology column. I was familiar with it through local papers where it had been printed when I lived there. I was happy to see that it is also online, under the guise of http://www.freewillastrology.com. Having had my astrological chart ‘done’ by several amateur astrologers in the past – using the exact place and moment of my birth – I recognized an uncanny and resoundingly accurate reflection of who I appear to be, so lately I’ve been looking somewhat routinely at his often witty insights.

Because I happen to have a concentration of all of the planets in three houses, I pull information from all three of them. My Sun and rising sign are in the house that it rules Capricorn. And a group of 3 planets occupy both the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. It was viewing Scorpio last week – where my moon is – in which Brezsny associated this period with being blissed out, delighted and ecstatic, and suggested googling the Chinese character “double happiness”. I did just that on Halloween day – in which google employees created the occasion to carve giant pumpkins with the google name.

Upon looking at the character on the 31st

I made the impromptu decision, to incorporate this symbol into my costume, somehow. Then I decided that it needed to be painted prominently on my face ;-))

I happened to notice that the couchsurfing weekly language exchange meeting group mentioned that people come in costume; sporting the color orange was encouraged. That lead to me to discovering my very orange items in my closet. So, I frolicked by the CS party on my way to White Trash. Here’s a photo of me and the organizer’s of this meeting, Alex and Sarah.

Ironically, the first person I spoke with at “White Trash”, was a musician who said that the theme there that night was ‘double’ something or other, that was before I told him that the character written on my face was “double happiness”.

Upon arriving at the vicinity of the front door, the sidewalk was packed with people stumbling onto the sidewalk. Specifically for that evening, there were poles set up behind two front windows, with mangled women doing their pole dances. However, the first thing I saw was this man dressed in a cotton schwab, kindof puffy white mummy suit doing a pole dance – who later in the evening pulled off the outer layer and was doused on stage with fake blood, in costume as a tampon. His antics were his clowning attempts to pole dance, unable to really execute any moves, sliding, falling and fumbling all over it, slapstick style. It was in fact, hilarious. Then he appeared on the sidewalk and continued to fitfully throw himself around, and then crawled like a snake on the sidewalk back to the door. Pretty hysterical.

Once inside the club, the ferocious mob of people was daunting. Just so many people to negotiate moving through! There were in-house body painters equipped with everything imaginable. And judging by the people walking around, they did a dazzling and quite professional caliber of work; there were a lot of very, very scary people; zippered faces, bullet wounds, scars and blood oozing out all of the orifices… One after another slick costume. It was a delirious, crazy, debaucherous and raucous crowd from the beginning, and this pace continued all night. There were mostly rock band performances downstairs and the drag theatrical performances upstairs. I didn’t get so many pictures, because there would have been just too, too many to take.

I was on the final day of 11 in which I hadn’t had a dime, which I’ll be writing about shortly – regarding how I was able to survive and have quite an excellent – productive and social – time, which levied for two weekends – in Berlin, with absolutely no money. Something that I have survived gracefully and cheerfully, yet don’t particularly want to make this test on a sustained bases. On Halloween night, I was on the guest list through Mamasweed, and once I sat down at one free chair to scope out the place soon after arriving, I was waived over by a group of people at a table, half of them Croatian friends. They asked me to join them, and had flowing pitchers of beer the whole night and into the morning. Lucky me! Fortunately, one person in the group spoke English and German quite well, so he was the translator. “White Trash Fast Food” pulled off quite a gala Halloween event, the place decorated full-on and the staff working there in fantastic, Hollywood set lavish make-up and costume that was by no means amateur.

In the meantime on the right coast of the United States, there were also extravagant Halloween partiers, in the House of Horrors. On my other blog, I give a standing ovation to theDanger, an outstandingly eloquent party promoter who has contributed to many a New Yorker’s scintillating days and evenings out on the town! http://digesthis.wordpress.com/2011/11/02/laud-to-the-end-of-thedanger-the-most-eloquent-underground-events-nyc-has-scene-d

Here are the White Trash Berlin Halloween 2011 pics.