a slight hitch in blogging / theft of my computer \ tool for arts and communication loss

Wednesday evening i was lured into a bar as i was on my way home by live music wafting from the second story window at kottbossur tur. i parked my bicycle and went inside, listening intently till the set ended of the 3 piece band. Then was invited to sit at a bar stool. i left my bulky coat and bag 3 feet from me, laying there on the bench behind me. about the time that i was standing up to sit at the bar stool, my eyes met for several seconds with an Arab man. He was strikingly handsome, a chiseled featured archtypically Arab looking man with a closely shaved head. He and his friend sat at the bar. I avoided his gaze for no reason other than i sat down to converse with a German guy who invited me to sit with him. Within the next 20 minutes, the two Arab men, one paler skinned accompanied by his darker skinned friend, managed to sit by my bag, mill around a bit, then again sit next to my bag and walk out of the bar with my laptop lifted out of my pack from an interior pocket and held under a black fabrick. it happened right in front of my eyes. i believe that i felt that it was insulting to go and grab my bag from behind him, yet kept a diligent eye on them, to the point of seeing him holding an object under a black cloth as he was about to leave. within seconds of them walking away, i went to check my ‘courier bag’, reaching into the interior pocket to feel that the laptop was gone. i was in high heels and could not run after them. I yelled out what happened but no one responded. I changed my shoes, raced out and grabbed my bike, circled the neighborhood, went to the u-bahn platform. They were far gone. Unmarked MacBook Pro 15, black keyboard, up for sale, probably all the programs and my data wiped clean.

from this instant my life will change radically, as the music i was just starting to compose again, all of the freelance job profiles i have made towards doing work using my writing, editing, language skills, blogging and intent to start my own virtual assistant independent biz, have all come to a screeching halt. i must now adapt to living an analogue existence, as i have no recourse to replace this any time soon. i guess he assumed i was well compensated financially. i am naturally still processing this loss as i have not finished the book i have been writing either.

I suppose an arts residence program somewhere which offers computers or a grant for the arts, would be nice ! donation buttons still lie on some of the blogs further below.

I felt that I had no other recourse but to return to the States, where at least, I can access a computer and pick up the pieces and continue to move forward>absorbing information, learning, making the best of all moments, appreciating good health and having all else intact and moving forward.

Although most of my posts are prompted by abhorrence of materialism and greed, I nevertheless personally need money. In the process of researching and writing my blogs, to complete my first book, to continue to compose music (that will incorporate various animal sounds) to give these creatures a voice, I need to pay my rent, to have shelter, electricity, a desk and food. I make no money doing this and have a very small ecological ‘footprint’. I mostly ride bicycle. Because I’m currently not under ANY umbrella, corporate or otherwise, nor have funding or grants, I’m asking that if you read this far, either to make a donation yourself, or ask a friend with more capital (more disposable income) to make one on your behalf! I’ll take .001% of any billionaires that might happen to be reading this. ha ha! So I’m campaigning for myself and asking you to contribute, if you can !-)) This button leads will feed my PayPal. Any credit card or direct deposit transaction will be secure! thanks. Any feedback is always welcome as well. With love!

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