Carol’s artwork discovered in sketchbooks & journals

screenshot collection of discovered portraits and sketches

screenshot collection of discovered portraits and sketches

Here are pictures of the evolution of a shower curtain that became my art display.


and there are more various-sized and in various conditions of art tucked away in folders…


and well, sure, time to do some more!

About carolkeiter
Aspiring writer, artist, musician and composer who was born and raised in the United States and has resided in several European countries. Communication is my forte; both through using various tools and in approaching people of divers backgrounds to gather information. Speak conversational - advanced intermediate - French, German and Spanish. Love interacting with people in cultural centers as much as going to remote places to learn more about the different creatures that share our planet. Love of the outdoors and of a variety of outdoor sports. Driven to learn and expand my own consciousness and understanding through curiosity and love of life. Creative skills merge with analytical ones, leading to an interest in a myriad of topics; ranging from politics, economics, science to environmental. Motivated to use my art, music and writing to support and educate people towards humane practices that support and respect all of life, including practices supporting a healthy planet.

2 Responses to Carol’s artwork discovered in sketchbooks & journals

  1. Loren Booda says:

    The more I see them, the more I like them! Really, portrait_guy_pencil sketch reminds me of myself — incisive yet moody. The classic_female_pencil_sketch could well be the prototype for a Hellenic statue. “Statuesque,” though, finds one softly dreaming.

    Other sketches of Carol’s reflect an honest perspective and skill in reading human pensiveness. (I hope that I don’t sound too much like an Art 101 student.) I encourage her to produce more colorful, natural and imaginative works.

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