New Year in Fanta se Santa fe, New Mexico

I watched the moon rise the other day, my phone couldn’t capture it’s brilliance.

full moon rise, 1/12/17

full moon rise January 12th, 2017

I was fortunate to book a week of work through the Santa Fe Public Schools as a substitute teacher for a 4th grade class and several special needs students. I had a great time; learned things, watched in amazement at these different personalities and enjoyed this school and the quality of various teachers who impressed me.

fourth grade class

fourth grade class

I like the attitude of this elementary school in general. The kids pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States with their hands on their heart, in English, then again in Spanish.

New Mexico state flag

New Mexico state flag

Then they face the New Mexico state flag with their palms up and say that pledge.

New Mexico state pledge with open palms

New Mexico state pledge with open palms

in English and in Spanish. Then they do another pledge with the nuances inferred as they make the shape of a heart with their hands, about being kind to one another. This one I love the best.

elementary school pledge making a heart with the hands

elementary school pledge making a heart with the hands

Lots of pledges!

Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind






























































I like the central place where I live where I bicycle on bike paths to the schools – last week a high school at the south end of town to teach in a chorus and technical music class (editing in Logic Pro X). From here I hitch up to the ski area to teach mostly beginners at Ski Santa fe.

Ski Santa Fe

Ski Santa Fe

Ski Santa fe

Ski Santa fe

I cried when I was leaving the school after the 5 days with these same kids with whom I interacted. I really loved their quirky personalities, enthusiasm to participate, a reflection of their good teacher who keeps them on a good pace and who is a kind person.

I visit a dog Nala who’s a gentle pit bull living next to the Rail trail bike & pedestrian path en route from schools.

I’m off to the Friday evening gallery openings, for inspiration and occasionally nice spreads of food.


About carolkeiter
Aspiring writer, artist, musician and composer who was born and raised in the United States and has resided in several European countries. Communication is my forte; both through using various tools and in approaching people of divers backgrounds to gather information. Speak conversational - advanced intermediate - French, German and Spanish. Love interacting with people in cultural centers as much as going to remote places to learn more about the different creatures that share our planet. Love of the outdoors and of a variety of outdoor sports. Driven to learn and expand my own consciousness and understanding through curiosity and love of life. Creative skills merge with analytical ones, leading to an interest in a myriad of topics; ranging from politics, economics, science to environmental. Motivated to use my art, music and writing to support and educate people towards humane practices that support and respect all of life, including practices supporting a healthy planet.

One Response to New Year in Fanta se Santa fe, New Mexico

  1. Loren Booda says:

    A desert moon oversees an Earthly desert floating through the desert of space.

    The Zia Sun symbol, on the flag of New Mexico, represents the four times of day, the four seasons, the four times of life and the four directions.

    I am a sub-dude volunteering for elementary students in an after-school program Over 70 languages are spoken at their school. For many years I have learned to observe students, helping when they request. I like this level of teaching since it correlates with Great Questions, e.g., why does 1+1=2?

    I am reminded of Jungian symbols and archetypes (universal, archaic patterns and images) when I see the “Habits of Mind” board. These symbols may carry the students throughout their life. You must be their “good teacher.” I have had extraordinary experiences working with special needs students. I subbed a class for the physically disabled. At the bell, a young woman flopped out of her chair and crawled her way to the cafeteria, protected by her thick, leather pants.

    Most eastern trees would break under the snow you depicted. I wonder what wildlife winters beneath their boughs. Many happy tracks and trails! Are you more expert as a music teacher or ski pro, Carol?

    While walking her cocapoo, my girlfriend and I would often pass by a Maine coon cat named Nola. The cat is trained to stay on her porch — a healthy distance away from dogs!

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