We Need an Evolution feat. Dr. Zach Bush and Arundhati Roy l Carol the blogger needs a room to move to

Because of how completely surprised and delighted I am with the content of these two people’s talks and writing, I felt the need to hastily put these out on both blogs simultaneously, to broadcast this information. I certainly hope that people who do not speak English as a native language,  can find someone to translate.

In the meantime, I, Carol Keiter the blogger, writer, musician and artist with passion for the outdoors and love of the natural world, who is financially challenged, but very engaged, healthy and happy, needs a room for under $300/month somewhere in the world that I can transport myself and my few belongings (no furniture) a sleeping bag, foam pad, bass guitar, suitcase and a few backpacks and boxes. I am physically fit, strong, have lots of energy and enthusiasm to engage in projects from cleaning, to taking care of house plants, pets, gardening … in exchange for reduced rent. Thanks for reading. carolkeiter@gmail.com

Breathtakingly insightful, with a rich history of experience, Dr. Zach Bush has a great deal of wisdom to share.

His current specialty is microbiomes.

In talking about the toxic nature of the agricultural industry and its use of poisons such as Round-Up, Glyphosates, pesticides.

“The weeds are not the problem, the weeds are a symptom of the collapse of biodiversity.”

The planet by nature, wants to sustain life and maintain biodiversity.

“The virus is unmasking the toxicity in our environment.”

“We are spiritual light beings trapped in a biological shell for a moment.”


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Interview with Dr. Zach Bush

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Our Task is to Disable the Engine

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