Wildlife in Berlin, Germany Spring ‘23 ~ pigeon’s raising young on balcony

Though I’ve seen wild boars as well previously living here, I have no pics.

I’ve also fed chickadees from my hand several times in this small cemetery.

I have a pigeon couple who made a nest on my balcony. I watched the nest building process. Then spotted an egg, then the tiny yellow chick. It was a reason to stay at this current residence, to protect them. That baby yellow pigeon chick May 12th, is this toddler with adult coloring sitting on the flower pot, 3 weeks later, June 1st. I watched as dark strands appeared in the yellow feathers. Still gets fed now, wrapping a wing arm around the adult and crying for food, yet also now is eating the sunflower seeds and drinking the water in a lid. Very alert. Flaps its wings, I watch as the pigeons stretch their arms and legs. Two mornings ago, i awoke to see the pigeons not squatting on a ledge on the balcony, but each adult perched on my ajar bedroom window, their bodies inside. What? I looked and after this hot day, their water lid was empty. I think they meant to indicate that. Hilarious surprise. I keep it fresh. 

That baby yellow pigeon chick May 12th, is this toddler with adult coloring sitting on the flower pot, 3 weeks later, June 1st. I watched as dark strands appeared in the yellow feathers. Still gets fed now, wrapping a wing arm around the adult and crying for food, yet also now is eating the sunflower seeds and drinking the water in a lid. Very alert. Flaps it’s wings, I watch as the pigeons stretch their arms and legs. Two mornings ago, i awoke to see the pigeons not squatting on a ledge on the balcony, but each adult perched on my ajar bedroom window, their bodies inside. What? I looked and after this hot day, their water lid was empty. I think they meant to indicate that. Hilarious surprise. I keep it fresh. 

Here are pics of the wildlife I’ve encountered.

iPad gmail dysfunction challenge

So, i’m off to the Apple store again tomorrow to click 1430 times, deleting 50 emails per click, of 74,000…which built up when upon using exclusively an ipad to check email, and didn’t quite understand what these other folders where mail was being ferried to;ie ‘social’, ‘promotions’, also needed to be cleared out. I didn’t understand the format, and although i always ritually check, file and delete emails from my inbox ALWAYS, i hadn’t realized that these other folders were part of it. Several years and 100,000 built up, even the laptop not functioning to delete in bulk… now 74,000 remaining. After tomorrow, I will have reduced the massive emails that are predominantly using up my google icloud storage. The reason it’s vital, is because i suddenly could not access the google doc which is the interactive bibliography to my book, a vital part of the book. It documents links, alphabetically by subject (eventually). It documents the text and video links, author, images, and subject matter in more depth.  At least I’m dealing with it, since the next jump in monthly payments for icloud storage, goes from $1.99 to $2.99 and then $9.99 a month. Already paying $2.99. this guy’s video clarifies this. But somehow gmail is NOT deleting in bulk (unless it’s under 2,000). pic of my bibliography which is a working part of searching subjects and material. Here’s a guy suggesting how to deal with it.

gmail ipad dysfunctionality, google storage, hidden folders, relentless prompts by gmail to buy more storage 

Here below is one tiny sample of circa 170 pages of the book, some with dozens of links on each page.

Fresh Graffiti Berlin, Germany Mauerpark

There were quite a number of people in the process of spray painting graffiti on the wall Mauerpark, Berlin with their cans, April 10, 2023

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Addendum to yesterday | Synchronicity and meeting the sisters from Amman, Jordan again today.

After leaving one library, ZLB (i guess that’s what it’s called) and then spending the last hour at another, the Staatbibliotech, I stopped at REWE (a grocery store) where i danced to a stupid song in the isle and looked over my shoulder to laugh with these two girls near me. Before i unlocked my bicycle outside, one of them came up to me and said i was the girl from yesterday at the museum. Yesterday I talked to them sitting on the bench, at first in German, they answered that they don’t speak German. I was telling them about this young girl I just saw on the balcony of the museum with a bloated, pale as white face and a line of pale vomit by her body. She looked like she was dead, I said, and I was emotionally freaked…Yet, minutes later I returned and discovered as emergency crew arrived that she was alive, walking only because they were holding her up. These girls were still on the bench and they now saw as well that she was ok, well, not dead. 

So an hour ago, we met again. They commented that it’s so wild that we ran into one another again at a completely different area. I talked with them for a while. They wanted to know where to buy hair die. It was already too late for stores,to be open. “Are you sisters?” I asked. “Yes”. One, Saja studied engineering, lives here, paying almost her entire paycheck for her apartment. Her sister Mana has been visiting.for 3 weeks and will leave sometime soon. She’s the older one and the one who wants the hair die. I said, what, you want to return to Jordan in disguise? No, she wants to die it Green. She mentioned she wouldn’t move to Berlin unless she first found a job.  

This evening I asked where they’re from. Jordan they answered. I asked if it’s near Lebanon. The one showed me spatially the relationship between Jordan, Syria, Israel and Lebanon.

From the largest city, Amman.

Jordan, they say, women have much more equality than a lot of neighboring countries. It’s a safe country. There are no conflicts, yet they’re surrounded by countries with them. And in Jordan women can walk around any time of the day or night, unlike Eqypt, one of them mentioned. Besides the attractions of the pyramids, there’s still the resounding culture. I mentioned what I’d heard of India, and gang rapes. One mentioned that the UAE United Arab Emirates is also safe. for women, relatively speaking.

As a monarchy, the queen of Jordan insists on education and equal rights for women. Therefore, there are a lot of professional women there. Saja, the engineer commented that everywhere there are leaders who are more religious and fanatical as well as leaders and people who are more progressive. She likes the international flavor of Berlin. I mentioned I care about saving the natural world from humans, We talked for a while. Both completely understand English. They were raised Muslim yet don’t actively follow it. Saja said a person’s spirituality is a very personal thing, implying that it can’t be defined by this or that organized set of premises. Tomorrow they anticipate visiting either Düsseldorf or Prague, I said, go to Prague. 

It Had to be a Dream  |  Western Man Warring Since Ancient Greece  |  German Industrialism  |  Noosphere  |  The Universe Story

Yes, it had to be a dream, because i was feeling euphoric about Berlin, and then i woke up. The point of this, is that what I noticed and attended to when viewing documentations of history in museums, was fed by the associations I made with recent conversations and my web of insights through the experiences that I’ve had. A young vibrant Spanish guy with whom I talked with a bit on Saturday evening, a history teacher in Madrid, Spain, quickly got to the subject of not supporting Ukraine, specifically because it has become a political toggle switch. We discussed war. He mentioned the history of aggression of the United States and how many different conflicts the USA has perpetually engaged in. I told him to look up the movie ‘War Made Easy’. He mentioned that humans have had wars throughout history. There are plenty of patterns of war and aggression. He also brought up that religions are tools to manipulate people, to force them to acquiesce. 

Inside were photographs documenting the history of German technology and economics. First the beginning of the industrial age period of Coal. There were all of these men with completely black faces, certainly black lung disease was brewing in their chests. Some worked naked, with just shoes, since the soot would ruin any clothes. This lead to the Steel production phase, then the Chemical section, talking about how Germany embarked on the pharmaceutical path. Bayer being a good example. Then the Textile section, mass production of yarns, dying. It was mentioned that once the war started, the Nazi regime redirected all of the various productions towards, in this latter case, producing military uniforms. Last was the Automotive section, where I learned that the Volkswagen, was a Nazi production, providing a car for the people. My brother’s first car was a Volkswagen Beetle, so obviously this was a success selling their products overseas. Of course Germany is known for its automobile manufacturers. It was again stressed that at the start of WWII, car production slowed, making way for building military tanks and so forth. The subject of Industrialization was starting to wear thin. The ugliness and the obvious destruction of the environment and praise of mass production, is the pride of this history. I decided to leave.

By the way, the bureaucracy of Germany was felt in the present. The museums are technically free the First Sunday of the month, yet after standing in line to enter the museum, one had to stand in a separate line to get a little sticker to enter the exhibit rooms, and also another line, forced “to check coats (security measure). 

The next museum I decided to go into, was ‘sold out’, though free. Already too many people were crowded inside. I decided to walk around this other massive building, and indeed, it was a museum as well. Another long line flowing down the stairs outside. Somehow, a man approached and handed me two tickets for that museum. I said sure. I turned and gave the man behind me one, walked up the stairs bypassing the line, now another forced coat check. I entered into Ancient Greece. I’m sure I was in this museum before, and sort of absentmindedly wandered through, reading looking. 

Now, looking at the relics, very tediously attending to the details of the painting on vases and reading the information about the time period and dates, the Spanish History teachers words the night before were fresh. Of the continual presence of war throughout history and using religion and traditions to not guide, but coerce the population. I was quickly astounded and revolted, realizing that the stories told through the paintings and themes of Ancient Greece, the beginning of Western civilization, 2,000 years before Christ, 4,000 years ago, was predominantly all about war, weapons, sacrifices (donations/offerings) to the Gods. I looked at steel helmuts, saw the body armor through the relief of statues, the dress that was common for woman and men. So much of the theme was dominated with war and weapons. I happened to stand briefly by a film documenting the exhibit, long enough to read the words, ”notice who are clothed and unclothed”, which cued me to attend to this detail. Some of the women’s fabrics looked shear, they wore long skirts and tops. The ‘musicians’ painted on clay were men, with instruments, often naked. The men with swords and shields tended to wear short pants, with body armor shielding their chests, backs, shins, perhaps arms, and also heavy helmuts. There was already an aristocratic class, who were well adorned, and I am certain, who instructed and encouraged the masses to always bring an offering to the Gods, of which of course, there were many. The Gods and Religion dominated their world and forced and enforced rituals and habits. Young men with cartoonish over the top muscled legs and calves adorned tombs, as did young women with gifts of animal sacrifices in their hands. I did notice that Satyrs tended to be naked, and saw one with an erection

War, offerings to the Gods and a huge focus and preoccupation with death and tombs, seemed to be the dominant them. And fortunately music and dance was apparent. I read about Necropolis, the city of the dead. I guess the first concept of a cemetery, where one houses the dead and makes sure that they have a very sumptuous amount of material things on hand for their afterlife.    

I pondered all of these pieces and the root of western man’s warring nature and obsession with appeasing the Gods, which in fact was I’m sure, just the ruling aristocratic class’s tool to maintain control of their power. I lingered until the end, then left the museum, glanced to the right of the spacious balcony and saw far at the end a few people standing there. There was no noise, no commotion, only a few people, nothing to indicate me to go there. But I started walking towards these people, then saw that it was two young punk looking girls, and another one laying on the ground. but as I got closer, I saw that the girl’s face laying down was super abnormally pale, it was puffy and white. Then I saw this trail of pale vomit, near her and in front of her face. I suddenly said to these girls, ‘she’s dead’. And raced back to the door to the security guards to inform them. They went over, the 2 girls dressed in punk attire, had already called an ambulance. It was alarming. I left, in almost a trance like state, in shock. Fortunately, decided to return to the outside, saw the Ambulance, and then to my shock, I saw that the girl was actually alive, and almost slumped walking, had to be held up. Super disturbing, especially since I had been acquainted with a 20 year girl when I lived in San Francisco, who died one East Sunday, because she apparently drank alcohol on top of the drub GHB, and her heart slowed to a stop. Needless to say, the impressions of the day revolted me. And when I look at the state of the natural world, and all of the different creatures that are now endangered of quickly vanishing from this planet in a mass extinction, I feel immense sadness.

So the dream of euphoria, was a dream. I find myself smiling and laughing and pleasure in observing nature, and pretty routinely remind myself of all the things I’m grateful for. Yet, I continually read about and am reminded consistently about how much humanity has been guided down an abysmally destructive path towards our natural environment and planet. Just absolutely overlooking and disregarding, what indigenous peoples continually were observant to, loving and protecting their natural environment and taking only what they need. The ‘primitive’ people have recognized that they are part of a very large continuum of life. And because I personally was raised in a small town surrounded by rural areas and my family had cats and dogs as pets, and the natural beauty of the world and value of protecting and caring for nature, is what has lead me to be passionate about saving the natural world; flora and fauna, waterways, air from human ignorance and greed.

I’m forced by economics to share housing. I’m super attentive to cleanliness and maintaining my space. It a Capricorn trait, which is my sun sign. However, I’m also very flexible and resilient about adapting, which is a Sagittarius trait, where I have three planets. So, I continually work out routines and idiosyncratic ways to work around and ignore what repulses me. And my moon is in Scorpio, along with two other planets, so I can continually dream about and strive towards reaching my ideal, emotionally needing to relentlessly move in that direction. I’m making up what I don’t know. 

The other evening I actually had a conversation with someone. If I am among Germans, unless I reach out to instigate the first comments, which I do on a regular basis, I am completely invisible. That is not just a personal thing, I notice that Germans (as I had realized previously when I lived here, but forgot), don’t tend to even make eye contact. And when together in pairs or in a group, they will be engaged in their conversations and literally not acknowledge anything outside of this sphere. Walking individually, only some may for a half a second, sweep their eyes in the direction of another human being, however it is certainly not to engage. Now wait, Asian people, of which there are a significant number here in Berlin, also tend to be exceedingly private. I remember when I first went to China town when I had first moved to San Francisco. I also felt invisible, because the people coming across one’s path diligently avoid any kind of eye contact. Their stares fixed ahead. Of course, I realize that when I’m not in a particularly good mood and am annoyed about something, I also very deliberately avoid looking at or engaging. That is however rare, I’m by nature super curious, and am continually observing the environment, the trees, peoples actions, architecture.

The Third Story of the Universe | Brian Swimme | TEDxBerkeley

The emergence of the Noosphere, the thinking layer of Earth. Humanity needs to develop a planetary mind to guide Earth’s evolution. Humanity is not more valuable or important than other species. The capacity of humans to create art, with reproductive imagination to share insight.

The noosphere is part of a collective mind. Yes, engineers built telescopes, yet they draw on the collective mind. Web is the eye, humanity is the mind.

He extrapolates from the original co-written piece with Thomas Berry, The Universe Story

Martin Luther King Jr. knew what was going on, and he was murdered because he spoke the truth.

One Nation under G U N S  |  Land of the Free, Home of the Bewildered  |  United States of Apathy 

What could be the change? Which do you choose? Amassing stuff & money, or interacting with nature, in body and spirit, for free?

I don’t know about you, I have only my experiences from my own family life where i was raised in a small town in Pennsylvania among cats, dogs, trees and lots of exposure to arts, education and appreciation and love of nature. And every subsequent contact and influence through people i met throughout my life as well as what information I’ve been put into touch with. I know that I don’t need diamonds, gold, jewelry, shiny objects, ivory, animal heads that I’ve conquered to mount on my wall, remedies from exotic animals for this or that dysfunction…nor do i need to keep gathering objects and amass things. I don’t need a car. I love bicycling. I also continually appreciate very little things, and find amusement and delight in the natural world. I prefer to be outdoors, and fortunately, am not currently homeless > I do enjoy a stable, calm, peaceful place to prepare my two meals of the day and sleep.  

I don’t need to continually purchase, clothing. I have been wearing the same sneakers for walking, bicycling, in rain or snow. And just got a second hand pair of shoes for free, for dressy occasions, when I can wear one of my 6 dresses that I brought with me in my luggage which are classics, that don’t change with fashion circuits seasonally. I brought my cleats with me as well, which I use wherever I live, when I find the local ultimate frisbee pickup games. blah, blah, blah

I looked outside of my window from the high rise room in Berlin (extremely tight and difficult shared housing situation) last evening, and noticed how many red glowing lights were in the sky. They are all cranes, except for two smoke stacks. I counted about 16 cranes that I could see from the day, from stretching to look right and left, except for the large square office building blocking my view straight ahead. 

WTF is the need for continued building? What the fuck is the need for supporting guns? What is the need for victimizing people who are fleeing dangerous situations (political turmoil or warming climate destroying their ability to survive and eat) when in fact it is predominantly the western developed world who are energy hogs and who have intermittently and with regularity destabilized regions politically, destabilized the climate, and recklessly and relentlessly invested in oil (and coal) when they know for a fact, if they have any kind of a clue and read anything, that our climate and entire ecological environment is endangered. 

I don’t want cranes.


I want live cranes in our beautiful world. Nothing is more precious than clean air, water and the beauty and exhilaration of interacting with the nature of our beautiful world.

What is it not to get (understand/realize), that our lifestyles and demands and insistence on endless upgrading and getting immediate satisfaction, and lack of active statements and protests and going up against the powers that be, who want nothing more than for everything to stay the same, and the consuming public to continue to consume – and subsequently their power and control and amount of money in their bank accounts forever increase? 

Endless building, endless construction, endless buying, consuming without end. Putting more and more satellites into the atmosphere to create yet more junk, thanks a lot, not, Elon.

We need a radically different economic system that is not leveraged on the artificially crafted value of money, and our complete dependency on it. 

Instead of being radically separate, we could be joining together in person, in communities; research & development, idea sharing, creating gardens, building things, crafting, talking, laughing, dancing. We really don’t need to collect and amass all this stuff. 

This blog was unplanned, a spontaneous result of reading headlines about another mass shooting in the USA and of hospitals filling up by youth harming themselves.

Did anyone of my FB friends bother to read the transcript i posted of Gabor Mate’s talk about healing through ayahuasca? Because he is clearly talking about the TRAUMA INDUCED BY THE ENVIRONMENT (FAMILY, SOCIAL, POLITICAL, ECONOMIC) and the fact that many people i the western DEVELOPED nations, and particularly the LAND OF THE FREE, are enmeshed in a web of trauma. 

Gabor Mate transcript Gabor Mate speaks the truth, eloquently. 10 years ago!!!

It is essential for the emotionally, psychologically and spiritually sick population of the Wealthy western world (derivative and export of our fine hypocritical social and economic system of Capitalism) because healing and awareness is available. 

this is outrageous! Let’s just keep doing the same routines and not thinking about what is wrong with a system that bails out bankers and cuts education and healthcare to the people, who have huge stresses with high housing costs…

“The portion of American hospital beds occupied by children with suicidal or self-harming behavior has soared over the course of a decade, a large study of admissions to acute care hospitals shows.”

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Above statue at the grave of Frederick Chopin at Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. We need less stuff, less occupation with work, and more play, laughter, togetherness, song, dance and psychedelics. Less is more. 

‘War Made Easy ~ How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us To Death’ film within | Corporate Media has Colluded, Acting as Stenographers for the Pentagon

Startling, frightening, no Hollywood horror movie could be more chilling than this political documentary. A Brown University study reveals that the USA has engaged in conflicts with 100 countries. The corporate media has colluded in all the conflicts, acting as stenographers for the Pentagon, rather than questioning and investigating.

“20 Years After Iraq Invasion: “War Made Easy ~ How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us To Death”. Critic Norman Solomon alleges that many government administrations have distorted facts and manipulated the media to sell the necessity of war to the American people.”

“War Made Easy” Full Movie | How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death from Media Education Foundation on Vimeo.

Following the film, some activists, writers, educators, stated that we merely have to educate ourselves and focus on ‘media, education, and labor’. The message also was that

‘We the People’ should be the one’s dictating democratically foreign policy, not government leaders behind closed doors, opaquely, and the corporate Media echoing the propaganda and like puppet strings, shoving patriotism down our throats. 

Great discovery of very unpleasant information. The messages by the film maker is that the corporate media has been not only complicit, but major persuasive players in holding the line of leaders. The film talks about the blatant propaganda to convince citizens of the need to go to war, often colluding ‘supporting the troops’ with patriotism, conflating being against the war, with not standing by the troops. The film also talks of how the media brandishes the glorification of weapons and always stays clearly away from questioning motives for war or getting close enough to actually see on the ground, the horror and inhumane and immoral nature of war. Those journalists who have expressed a different opinion than blindly towing the line, have quickly been removed.

Well worth it. In most wars the USA has perpetually carried out, many more civilians have been the victims. Only a few members of Congress have stood up against war. Dennis Kucinich talks of American Imperialism. If you want to see a scary movie, in terms of blatant tactics of deceit, this is a documentary horror flick. Leaders state that they’re pulling out, ending the conflict, while actually injecting more money into increasing arms. I recommend informing yourself. The message also was that the people should be the one’s dictating democratically foreign policy, not governments and corporate media pulling the strings and then shoving patriotism down our throats. A Brown University study reveals that the USA has engaged in conflicts with 100 countries

Through Roots Action, I learned of this online Screening and Panel following it on zoom March 20th. Pulled it off, though it started at 6:45 ET which is 11:45pm German time. 

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Progression of a Room March ‘23 Berlin, Germany

It’s primitive, bit tattered, yet with warmth (no heat turned on) and funky charm. Here are pics of the room progression on the 11th floor in the center of Berlin.

Berlin Feb. 2023 | 73 Berlinale International Film Festival

Berlin has a history of arts, music, dance and craftsmanship in architecture and stonework. It has naturally attracted artists and musicians throughout the decades. Here are some February photographs of the city of Berlin, Germany and highlights of the 73rd Berlinale Film Festival.

The official 73rd Berlinale International Film Festival

I have made a point of devoting my time and energy during this festival to find film screenings, learned from talking to others about the best methods of getting tickets (a labyrinthian process), have googled directions to bicycle to the various different venues. Was present standing outside among the crowds before the Palace Theatre in Potsdamer Platz – the hub of the festival – for the opening night red carpet, and have had the delight of seeing a number of films in which the directors and some actors were present to discuss their film following their world premier screenings. One can learn so much and get so many insights about life through the art of film – screenplays, directing, acting, cinematography and music. 

Just saw a very powerful film. Tomorrow Is a Long Time” (Míng tian bi zuo tian chang jiu) | Trailer | Berlinale 2023

Of which this trailer only reveals a tiny segment of layered symbolism and stories about human beings and the natural world.

Building the Instrument – Wind the Player

Feb 1st 1am my t8me, I was walking by the sporthalle and heard faintly music, I turned, no one around, kept walking, then heard it again. Masked by the noisy flag poles whipping in the wind, I’d hear nothing, then it would emerge again.

“Gale-force gusts warning” were indeed blowing against the glass surfaces of Max Schmeling Hall ~ the hall was the musical instrument ~ chiming in medium high pitches ~ and the wind the player. It was almost imperceptible, but I have good hearing, not just a good imagination. So, the building where besides sporting events there are concerts, was itself making music.   https://www.max-schmeling-halle.de

Weather report “Es treten Sturmböen mit Geschwindigkeiten zwischen 55 km/h (15 m/s, 30 kn, Bft 7) und 70 km/h (20 m/s, 38 kn, Bft 8) aus westlicher Richtung auf” “There are gusts of wind with speeds between 55 km/h = 34 mph and 70 km/h = 43 mph) from the west.” I was thinking to myself that it was 17 to 25 mph winds. I was a bit off.

I’m in the meantime trying to discern which direction to steer myself, rather than being blown by the wind.

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