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This short video “Drugs Don’t Cause Addiction” is one of the most profoundly accurate looks into our modern societal malaise and misguided notions about what is of value today. As the unbounded spirit acknowledges, “This Brilliant Animated Video Will Change Your View on Drugs Forever”, and I add, and Your View of Our Modern Society.


Everything We Think we Know About Addiciton is Wrong

Obviously much thought went into it, as this video project is a collaboration with Johann Hari, the author of the book “Chasing the Scream”. It reveals that pointing the finger of blame to ‘drugs’ or ‘the war on drugs’ is actually completely missing the point.

"Chasing the Scream, Joann Hari

“Chasing the Scream” by Joann Hari – brilliant reviews

As is typical, the fingers are pointing in the opposite direction of the real problem. What we need to realize is that the real blame is our collective societal values of materialism over connection with others. As the western world has become more and more focused on material wealth and financial gain, this has been accompanied with increasing social isolation. The problem is not a drug, nor an individual addiction, but a collective one which has been driven by consumerism.

We need to rebuild our society towards values in which the individual derives happiness through accomplishments from actions in which he or she is engaged in which makes him/her happy and feel joy from emersion in that activity, and in which collectively we are sharing activities and experiencing joy through camaraderie and sympathy; recognizing that we are all living this life together and that only when all beings have peace, comfort and security can we all share in that joy.

Paraphrasing the video…

Addiction is just one symptom of the crisis of disconnection that is happening all around us.

People have an innate need to connect. When we’re happy and healthy we will bond with the people around us. Yet when we’re traumatized, isolated or beaten down by life, we will bond with something that will give us some sense of relief; such as:

Endlessly checking a cell phones

addiction to cell phones

addiction to cell phones


addiction to pornography

addiction to pornography

addiction to video games

addiction to video games


addiction to gambling

addiction to gambling


addiction to cocaine

addiction to cocaine – drugs in general

because…as the video elucidates, we will bond with something, because THIS is our human nature.



Since the 1950’s the average number of close friends an American has, has been steadily declining, whereas the amount of floorspace in their homes has been increasing. Choosing floorspace over close friends, stuff over connection.

The path out of unhealthy bonds, is to form healthy bonds; to be connected to people you want to be present with.

It’s not the chemicals, it’s your cage.

We need not talk about individual recovery from addiction, but must talk about social recovery.

We need to change the unnatural way that we live.

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, the opposite of addiction is connection.

I recall a ‘waking dream I had decades ago. It was not while I was sleeping, but during the day. I was witnessing what has since been created, virtual reality, before it existed. In the dream I was climbing a mountain. I could feel the breeze. The ‘camera’ pulled out so that I was then seeing myself from above, then further away looking down at the earth. Then suddenly I was climbing out of a box, an isolation tank, in my living room. I then was disconnecting these wires from my scull. When I awoke from this engaging dream during the day while I was living in Washington D.C., I recall feeling very disturbed emotionally from the thought of having cheated myself by not ‘actually’ having the real experience of traveling to a mountain to summit, but was only alone in a box – the shell of the real experience. A few years later I was startled to watch a movie while I was traveling and visiting Europe called “Strange Dayshttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strange_Days_(film) because it was recapturing the essence of the mechanics of how this ‘virtual reality’ of my vision and virtual experience occurred.

Strange Days

1995 film Strange Days

I have since continued to feel this conviction (even though I’m sitting here ‘working’ and writing, creating and communicating in isolation on my MacBook Pro – and loving and needing this machine – so I think 🙂 That if we don’t maintain a balance, our technologies will continue to isolate us from ourselves and one another. I had hypothesized that primitive people perhaps had not lost our special connection to the cosmos. A friend then pointed out to investigate my theory by looking at the aborigines of Australia. They once consistently demonstrated telepathy and ultra human powers of consciousness. As modern man relies more and more on our gadgets to do things for us, our human powers of mind and heart and connection to one another and the universal intelligence will atrophy. I believe human beings do have capabilities of telepathy and of connection with the divine through allowing ourselves to quite our minds and engage our spirits and heart – our sixth sense or intuition or gut instincts – whatever you want to call it. Yet, if our thoughts are constantly engaged and busy worrying about the past and the future and what we don’t have and judging one another and watching sitcoms and shit, we don’t have the time or space to tap into what is available to us as spiritual beings on the material physical plane. yep, I said it. I always thought it. And I keep finding other human beings who also reiterate and reverberate the same message….

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Carol the blogger in her Moose-themed residence at her first WWOOF experience in Arizona


Here’s a pic of me, the blogger in my ‘moose lake lodge’ residence in the Sonoran desert where I’m participating in my first WWOOF experience on the Veteran’s Ranch, a means of avoiding homelessness while at the same time being very interested in learning about farming techniques from the pros – the people who run the farms and ranches – and I absolutely love and adore animals of every type.


When I’m not working with the animals or on my own projects, I’m taking pictures of sunsets.

Solitude, Serenity, Sonoran, Sunset, Feb. 20th 2016

Solitude and Serenity Sonoran Sunset Feb. 20th 2016


And I’ve started to take videos of the animals, with the incentive to capture the sounds, to then weave into some new music (sounds on the ranch 🙂

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holograms of meaning | consciousness frequency shift |

i don’t know what to call the concept which I’ve experienced; intuition, creative visualization, a kind of meditation or synchronicity. It’s a shifting of the frequency from one state of consciousness to another, and in the process, apprehending information.

There are so many books, classes, tools and techniques out there to guide people towards acquiring energy, health (physical and emotional), strength, creativity or achieving wealth and power. Some techniques; like breathing, fasting, solitude, yoga or meditation, tai chi, the martial arts…in fact many Eastern practices that have been around for millennium; are directed towards attaining physical agility, control, peace of mind, serenity or expanding consciousness. Many of these point back to the body’s ability to achieve anything, as the body has its link to the wisdom of all of its cells. Whereas omnipresent in the Western world are schemes for getting rich quick, becoming smarter, more agile in business, finding true love or learning some golden nugget of advice, where the sales pitch is that if you don’t ‘purchase’ it now, it will be gone forever: “buy now for a discounted price, or the information will vanish when the time limit is up”. Come to think of it, many of these ego/emotionally driven promises are more Western in their influence, packaged as information to obtain, which lies outside of yourself. Naturally new skills and understanding will not be learned if we haven’t been exposed to it yet. However, a lot of this is common sense and we already know a lot of the information innately, the rest is a matter of learning a new perspective, skill and developing it through practice.

Here i want to draw parallels between the simple act of intuition and dreaming, as I sit in my apartment in Berlin, Germany – central European time zone in the year 2011, to what Aborigines in Australia or Native American Indians scattered throughout North and South America have experienced for several thousands of years. For that matter, various scientists and mathematicians, artists and inventors have at different times experienced this; received information communicated to them while in the alpha state of a ‘sleeping or waking dream, which then lead to a groundbreaking discovery.

With respect to this, I have had several experiences in which I learned something while ‘perceiving and receiving information’ in another state of consciousness. Some were literally ‘dreams’ while being asleep, and others were ‘images’ that appeared repeatedly in my waking life and others more like a ‘remote vivid day dream’; experiencing a dream, while being awake.

One of the earlier ones I mention, only because I in fact learned a technique while dreaming, that I was able to apply when I woke up. This involved skateboarding, in which a concept was communicated through motion. I dreamed the distinct kinetic experience of exactly how my body needed to move, to perform one of the first skateboarding techniques I learned as I was starting. That morning, I woke up, and began practicing what I learned in the dream, and was able to execute it.

At a later time, I had a very significant dream with a powerful message. The activity took place by an ocean. I was obviously living there and was together with a person who was my partner. What I recall was the distinctly euphoric impression that this person was ‘completely accepting and unconditionally loving’. At on point in the dream, my companion entered into the shallow part of the ocean among the waves. I knew he was leaving. As he stood in the waves waste high, he pulled from the water a seahorse, and pointed to the tail, indicating the spiral. He said that within this contains the meaning of everything in the universe.

When I had the dream, I did not know that years later i would be living a significant part of my life, in San Francisco, California, on the northern coast of California; nestled by the San Francisco Bay and Pacific ocean. I met a person while living there on a vacation, who then returned to Germany. He was the reason I initially came to live in Berlin in the first place. Then I had not known of the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio, which I’m writing about now. Puzzling to bring together the meaning of this dream.

The Fibonacci sequence is visible everywhere in nature; from leaf arrangements in plants, to the pattern of florets of a flower, to the bracts of a pine cone, the arrangement of a nautilus shell and the spiral of the tail of a seahorse. These numbers are applicable to the growth of every living thing; including a single cell, a grain of wheat, a hive of bees and all of mankind. In the Fibonacci series, each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181, …

The ratio of successive pairs is the so-called golden section (GS) – 1.618033989 This image below is the mathematical interpretation of the golden mean.

The two approximate each other.

Examples of the Fibonacci sequence in nature:















In addition to this dream, I had a series of synchronistic events which occurred while living in Washington D.C. They started within hours of the death of the brother of the boy I was going out with. He was murdered several blocks from his home, in the right place at the wrong time; stabbed while walking along a sidewalk holding an umbrella, on a chilly, rainy Valentine’s Day evening. His path was intercepted with a man who had just robbed a building he was fleeing. Toto was the innocent victim of his rage. For the next number of days, I repeatedly saw the same image appearing before me, in physical reality, which I was forced to accept as not mere coincidence. The day following the murder, I was walking to my workplace in the morning, in a dazed state of bewilderment, in a kind of shock. I paused from walking and leaned against a storefront window. When I decided to continue, I glanced behind the glass where I had been leaning and saw this design made of peacock feathers.

Later that day, instead of going directly home after work, I stopped at a pub. Within moments of sitting down, a man came in announcing loudly to the bartender with laughter in his baritone voice as he held up a brown bag in his hand, “you’ll never believe what I have in this bag”. His hand came out of the bag with a bunch of peacock feathers in his fist. A day later, I was at my boyfriend’s older sister’s home where several of his siblings were gathered. The family is South American, from Bolivia. On the wall in her apartment, I noticed a picture which I looked at more closely. A peacock was framed within it. A few days later during the funeral service in a Catholic church, during the service, I was hearing, but not really understanding the sermon in Spanish. At one point a gong sharpened the focus of where my eyes rested high above on the ceiling, drawing my attention to the fact that I was inadvertently staring at an ornately carved peacock, sculpted above the alter. Later, seated in the automobile among the group of cars heading to where he would be buried, I noticed a license plate going by. For whatever reason, my eyes had been drawn to it. It wasn’t the typical official state license plate with letters and numbers, but a private, do it yourself plate which stated, “Pavo Real”. I asked my boyfriend if he happened to know what this meant, to which he answered, “peacock”. This was too bizarre to disregard, so I was propelled to investigate. In a bookstore later, among other books, I looked at the psychiatrist Carl Jung’s book of “Man and His Symbols“, and found a whole section on peacocks. Their symbolism has its roots in both Eastern and Western mysticism.

Carl Jung’s work delved into the unconscious. He describes the difference between signs and symbols; the latter, a word or image indicating something that implies more than its obvious and immediate meaning. According to him, archetypes are innate universal psychic dispositions that form the substrate from which the basic symbols or representations of unconscious experience emerge. I mention this, because I believe that a direct communication occurs, hinged on the frequency of an intention, which resonates with a meaning, or concept which emerges.

What I read at the time, was that the peacock was a symbol of resurrection. And what I read now, it that the peacock is the symbol of immortality; renewal, as the peacock replaces its feathers annually, resurrection as the Phoenix, and rebirth.

While living in Washington D.C. I also had a series of synchronistic events which occurred with the first sliver of the waxing crescent moon. A number of times I had these very vivid emotional feelings of resolve; a spirit of hope and transcendence from fear, which corresponded exactly with seeing the moon, right after it was ‘new’.

In our busy lives filled with a lot of information and stimuli, our minds are busy tuning among a whole lot of frequencies, that in fact, together become a sort of static; decreasing our ability to tune into ourselves. An abundance of information is at our fingertips, or neurotransmitters, and often we tune it out.

The Aborigines have a rich history of having utilized these alternate states of consciousness; for them telepathy was the norm. I just read that they believe in rebirth as well. They have a direct link to Dreamtime.
According to the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Inc.. “The term Dreamtime was first used in 1896 by Spencer and Gillen as a rough translation of the Aranda term “alcheringa”. “The term “The Dreaming” refers to an Aboriginal’s awareness and knowledge of the Dreamtime, when a long time ago the spirit beings set the sun, moon and stars in their courses, and created the earth, material life and spiritual life.

The term “dream” is a metaphor suggesting that awareness is enhanced by dreamy, quiet, vague, visionary, fantasy or trance states. It corresponds to the whole of reality. It has a beginning, but is eternal. The Aborigines have no word for abstract “time”. The Dreamtime is a “unity of waking-life and dream-life”.”

I mention this, because the Aboriginal people of Australia historically, regularly entered these states of perception, which facilitated acquiring what they needed. As have the Indians of the Andes, and all over the Americas, who in their spiritual rituals involving various psychoactive plants, experience direct cellular learning; in which the ingested plants communicate information to the cells of their brains. As Jeremy Narby, a French Anthropologist who wrote his book about his experience with the Indians in “The Cosmic Serpent, DNA and the Origins of Knowledge“.

His experience was that the Indians, in a spiritual journey involving psychoactive plants, acquired information and hence created images articulating what they learned. Many of these symbols approximate what our modern science has learned only recently. “The shamans access an intelligence, through ingesting these plants which give them information that has stunning correspondences with molecular biology.”

“The structure of DNA as we know it is made up of letters and thus has a specific text and language. You could say our bodies are made up of language, yet we assume that speech arises from the mind.

His observations lead him to investigate the cosmic serpent. “I found the symbol (the serpent) in shamanism all over the world. Why? My hypothesis is that it is connected to the double helix of DNA inside virtually all living beings. And DNA itself is a symbolic Saussurian code. So, yes, in at least one important way, the living world is inherently symbolic. We are made of living language.”

On to another of my ‘symbolic’ experiences in an altered state of consciousness, which emerged while living in Washington D.C., was a “day dream” I had. I was transported instantaneously to a very vivid and sensually engaging experience. I was suddenly climbing a hill in a windy environment, the steep embankment of a hill. It was strenuous, I could sense the difficulty and the wind. Then the ‘camera’ draws back, and I’m watching myself from several feet away, hovering above myself, making this climb. Then the camera pulls back more, so that I’m watching this person from a distance, suspended in the atmosphere above, then finally, seeing from a satellite view, so that the curvature of the earth is present. Then the perspective zooms in to see a person, laying down within an encasement, with electrodes attached to the scalp. The electrodes and wires are then peeled off, and the individual steps out of a box in the middle of their living room. At the point, I recognized that the experience was a kind of virtual reality. I was immediately appalled, and found it to be extremely disturbing, that a person would choose to have the simulated version, rather than the real direct experience involving all of the senses and effort involved; quest and accomplishment. Instead, the person was engaged through just the signals their neurostransmitters received. Virtual reality was pioneered in the 70’s and I saw some of its early commercial developments in the San Francisco Bay Area. What shocked me several years later, was when I saw the film “Strange Days” in Germany, with English subtitles, which mimicked the same concept I had visualized in my dream.

Anyway, though I’m skeptical of much of the propaganda that is out there, such as that of ‘quantum jumping‘ which the guy purports as a travel into another dimension to meet another ‘you’. I think that the core of what he’s talking about, this same kind of ‘dreaming’, but which he has commercially packaged and flavor-coded for those fearful of encountering something unfamiliar. It simply is about taking an intention and extending it into a dream state. This we all have within us, the mechanism for tapping into meanings from messages we intercept that are always there throughout our space, but which we haven’t been able to perceive yet, from our four dimensional perspective. It is accepted by many quantum physicists that there are more dimensions than these which we are able to perceive.

Our universe appears to be made up of very simple parts. DNA has four bases, capable of combining in 3-letter aggregates, leading to 64 possibilities.

One scholar’s work interpreting the Mayan calendar, claims “Two of the three principles I identified within the Maya calendar system comprise a dual-principle paradigm of change and unfolding that I called “PHI-64” (PHI = the Golden Mean or square-root 5 principle; “64” = the doubling principle of square-root 2).

According to Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, in his book “Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces That Shape the Universe“; “these six numbers constitute a ‘recipe’ for a universe. Moreover, the outcome is sensitive to their values: if any one of them were to be ‘untuned’, there would be no stars and no life. Is this tuning just a brute fact, a coincidence? Or is it the providence of a benign Creator? I take the view that it is neither. An infinity of other universes may well exist where the numbers are different. Most would be stillborn or sterile. We could only have emerged (and therefore we naturally now find ourselves) in a universe with the ‘right’ combination. This realization offers a radically new perspective on our Universe, on our place in it, and on the nature of physical laws.

And so, as my writing style always circles in orbit around the point, I come back to this. Beyond our conscious self is an unconscious one, which is woven within the fabric of intention. Principally it is form manifesting the energy of intent. Just as all of life is a movement towards replicating; it is an ongoing convergence of forces, propelled by the energy of intent, ever expanding this encoded formula. The same forces operate from the tiniest cell to the galaxies in the universe, displaying the holographic nature of reality.

In the holonomic brain theory, each sense functions as a lens, refocusing wave patterns either by perceiving a specific pattern or context as swirls, or by discerning discrete grains or quantum units. The quantum physicist David Bohm, has said that if you take the lenses away, what you are left with is a hologram. The theory was originated by psychologist Karl Pribram, who then collaborated with David Bohm, when he was struck by the similarity of the hologram idea of Bohm’s, regarding the implicate order in physics.

David Bohm took the view that quantum theory and relativity contradicted one another, and that this contradiction implied that there existed a more fundamental level in the physical universe. This more fundamental level represents an undivided wholeness and an ‘implicate’ order, from which arises the ‘explicate’ order of the universe as we experience it. In his quantum mind theory, David Bohm sees that movement, change or flow and also the coherence of experiences, such as listening to music, as a manifestation of the implicate order. He saw that Jean Piaget’s study of infants revealed that young children have to learn about time and space, because they are part of the explicate order, but have a “hard-wired” understanding of movement, because it is part of the implicate order. He compares this “hard-wiring” to Chomsky’s theory that grammar is “hard-wired” into young human brains.

I believe that intent, just like energy, is innate in the universe. Intent is not merely conscious will, but innately present as constructs in the matrix of the universe, woven throughout the fabric. These ‘meaning constructs’ are intercepted and apprehended, at various times that the ego’s impulses are disengaged, allowing a resonance and tuning to another frequency. Just as the string of a musical instrument can be plucked with a force that causes it to resoundingly vibrate at a certain amplitude, actions made with unwavering intent, manifest clearly the intent of the ego. This same focus of energy within the unconscious, when the ego is disengaged, can pierce the hologram of possibilities and focus the lens on retrieving exactly the meaning that symbolizes it. The most fascinating aspect, to me, about a hologram, is that as you break the image into two or 2,000 parts, the entire image will be apparent and retained in each of the pieces. Implying that the whole is always accessible in each of the ‘apparent’ separate entities, because they are in fact, not separate entities at all, but part of an elaborate contained system. Just as the complex system of one human body with all of its billions of separate cells, all function in synch to create one human being. The fact that our entire planetary system, biological diversity from the smallest organisms to the planetary weather systems, are all intricately related and interconnected, reveal that the whole system as one large organism. The illusion and misconception, is that all are distinct parts. Well, we parasitic creatures have now revealed our power; manifested in global technocratic corpocracy which erodes the human nature of empathy as well as the rapid destruction of biodiversity and climate equilibrium, as the list of endangered species lengthens. The threads of the experiences I described, of which all people are receptacles – perceiving symbols and meanings beyond consciousness – I believe is a piercing into the hologram of the universe. We can learn many things, as we listen to the messages.