The Eloquently and Elegantly stated Truth

Nothing is more important than reading this. And then reading it again.

The most elegant and eloquent presentation of the facts, that anyone who can understand words, must be persuaded to hear and respond to emotionally and intuitively as the truth.

I have merely copied and pasted the text of this writing within the link below (minus the original links within it), feeling it to be the utterly most important statement of vast insight, that everyone must read. And continue to talk.



these are my words at the time of writing — I am more like tree than rock — as I bend to reach the sunlight

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Hi friends,

I’m leaving Google at the end of next week.

There’s too much I want to say.¬† ūüôā

I spent the summer away from work, outdoors in Oregon, awash in beauty.¬† I learned a lot.¬† I wept at how we’re treating the earth, as I rode past mile after mile of logged forests, polluted streams, and lifeless monocrop fields.

I got to be part of what I’ll call “alternative culture”, to explore ways of meeting all of our human needs through local community alternatives to basically everything we currently use money for.¬† I wrote some about this time¬†here on this blog.¬† I barely scratched the surface though.¬† More and more people, perhaps millions now even in the West, are devoting their lives to new (and sometimes ancient) ways of living in healthy relationship with each other and with the earth.¬† While they are usually partly within the current system, when all of these new ways of living come together, the current system becomes obsolete.¬† I see joyous glimpses of this everywhere.

Meanwhile our dominant civilization is killing its own foundation: the healthy web of life on earth.¬† Through deforestation and pollution we are destroying the ability of the planet to support all forms of life.¬† We can see this in the oceans where the fish populations are collapsing, the silent fields that were once thriving forests, and the deserts where millions of people go hungry in drought.¬† This ecological crisis can’t be solved simply by swapping oil for solar panels.¬†¬†I’m no longer optimistic that we will soon fix these problems with some new technology.¬† It’s quite possible that climate change is exacerbating the storms and droughts and fires, and that these will continue to become more severe in the next years.

The effects are not evenly distributed.¬† The unhoused breathe wildfire smoke while many of the housed have filtered air.¬† Some of us see our homes flooded or burnt while for others business continues as usual.¬† Most communities in the country and increasingly in the world have lost the ability to sustain themselves from their land, and now must import almost everything they need from elsewhere, which becomes precarious when those importing the goods see no profit in it (food deserts), or when disaster breaks down the supply line like in Puerto Rico.¬† Many communities no longer have access to clean water, or are losing it as I write.¬† On Monday I listened to a man from Guatemala talk about a new silver mine near his home that is polluting and drying up the water supply for many villages there.¬† Almost all silver is used to produce electronics, and demand is rising.¬† In Oregon this summer, ancient trees thousands of years old were cleared for fire breaks. ¬†The entire planet is being saturated with chemicals that we ought never to have created. ¬†These kinds of damage cannot be undone or fixed by technology.¬† The story for other species is even worse, as most wild animal populations have died off and we pack billions of animals in cages in horrific factory farms.¬† The coral reefs, the¬†rhinos, the ancient forests, the whales, and¬†even the insects… who speaks for them?¬† Some people do, and they end up in jail¬†if their actions threaten profits.¬† Profits are made at the expense of Life.

And within our civilization, we have more prisoners and refugees, more drugs and anxiety and depression and stress and addiction than ever.¬† Even in wealthy regions, most people don’t like the work they do all day.¬† It’s also not physically healthy to be indoors or using a computer or riding in vehicles for as many hours as many of us who are “successful” do.¬† What is happening to us?

It seems the leaders of our world are apathetic or powerless, as they fight over the most gaudy deck chairs on this titanic.¬† While it pains me, I don’t hate them for this; their actions are the product of a traumatic history that touches all of us.¬† They don’t know what they’re doing.

I envision a more beautiful world where humans have a healthy part to play, to love and respect the earth, not to dominate and exploit it.¬† I see many people living that vision already, and want to live my life in service to it.¬† I see the extremes of both ugliness and beauty grow more stark.¬† Ugliness as we close down and protect ourselves from the ‘other’, beauty as we come together in community, in love with mother earth.¬† Will “society” as a whole make some kind of transition, or continue the march into dystopia and eventual chaos?¬† I don’t know.¬† It will be both at the same time.¬† Some people are already in an obvious dystopia, some are in a beautiful place yet in the shadow of a collapsing ecosystem.¬† To hope for a peaceful transition would be to ignore the incredible violence on which the current system lives.¬† It will be violent¬†because it already is.¬† May we learn to be kind to each other as these changes unfold.

It’s been said that we need the darkness to see the stars.¬† We can open ourselves to what is happening, feel and honor our pain, grieve what is lost, and revel in our deep gratitude for the beauty of life.¬† I don’t mean to be a downer pointing at all this ugliness.¬† I feel that we have a deep need to see it and acknowledge it.¬† It makes the beauty that much more precious and worth living for.

“Tell me, what else should I have done?
Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?‚ÄĚ
-Mary Oliver

What should we do then?

I don’t know exactly what we should do.¬† I don’t have a rational “here’s what everyone needs to do” that will resolve all of these crises.¬† I want to let go of my need to control what happens, because I’m really not in control.¬† At the same time, even if I let go and accept whatever comes, I am a human being and it is natural for me to care and want to help, to serve what I love.¬† I will not deny that part of me either.¬† So I find myself thinking about how to help, even if it seems “hopeless” overall.¬† I need not stress about the outcomes, but I will still act.¬† What else would I do with my few short years here?

So what might I do to be practical?

I don’t believe our technology is serving us well.¬† We, the wealthy humans near the top of the power hierarchy may see it as indispensable, but if we consider the animals or the fish or the trees or the laborers in the sweatshops and mines and plantations, it’s not working out so well.¬† Yes, our technology relieves some suffering in some places, but at what cost?¬† We simply do not, and probably cannot, count the costs of¬†development.¬† I am not enthusiastic that further technological progress will heal us.

I also don’t believe that our problems are mostly due to money being in the wrong hands.¬† Measuring everything by monetary value seems to me one of the roots of the crises.¬† The mentality that values money over life drives much of the pollution and resource extraction and oppression around the world, since humans first accumulated “property” and enslaved each other.¬† I don’t feel that getting as much money as I can and giving it to the non-profit side of the system is the best way for me to serve what I love.¬† I feel that the money abstraction and the distance it puts between us and the effects of our actions makes us feel disconnected and alone.

I also don’t like our culture’s valuing of measurable¬†impact¬†over everything else.¬† Much of what is precious to me cannot be measured.¬† What’s the measurable value of a 5000 year old yew tree?¬† What’s the measurable value of caring for a disabled child?

“May what I do flow from me like a river
no forcing
and no holding back
the way it is with children.‚ÄĚ

So I don’t know what we all should do exactly, and I don’t know what I will do beyond the short term.¬† I’m skeptical of money and the dominant culture’s value system.¬† I want to¬†trust¬†what makes me feel alive over our culture’s normal stories that usually are rooted in fear.¬† I recognize that I’m one of the most privileged people in the world.¬† I know most people do not have the options that I have.¬† I don’t mean to judge, only to encourage.

Right now what’s happening is I’ve been living in a homeless protest encampment in Berkeley the last couple months, which has given me still another perspective on our society.¬† It got¬†interesting¬†this weekend and we’re fighting eviction, hoping to benefit and inspire homeless communities around the country.¬† With all of the disaster and war refugees today, and housing crises in many places, there are more and more people who can’t have regular housing, and we could learn to live together with more kindness and understanding.¬† I’m also involved with the community here in other ways like¬†Food Not Bombs.¬† I expect soon I’ll be moving on to other places, to learn and to live in service to what I love.¬† To restore soil and help plants grow and be community.

I’ve learned I don’t need much money to live well myself, so I don’t need to earn it for myself.¬† Perhaps my perspective on money and impact will change and I’ll eventually decide that earning money and supporting my many friends who don’t have much money in their various causes is the best way to contribute, and then I might return to a job, but we’ll see.¬† “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Wherever I am, I’ll be with some kind of community learning how to live in healthier relationship with each other and with the earth.¬† There’ll be dark moments and joyous moments, and this is life.¬† Life is good.¬† Whatever comes, I will give¬†attention to the beauty around me, the beauty of¬†community¬†and of¬†nature¬†and of every form.¬† Beauty everywhere begs our attention.

“An eye is meant to see things.
The soul is here for its own joy.

A head has one use: For loving a true love.
Feet: To chase after.

Rumi quote Spirit Mind

Rumi quote Spirit Mind

carol return hitch from Taos, New Mexico

carol the blogger on her return hitch from Taos, New Mexico to Santa Fe. One side of my sign said Santa Fe, the other, Fanta Se


Break Free from Fossil Fuels | 2 week global Wave of Escalated Action > Keep Coal, Oil + Gas In The Ground | Sat. May 14th

Time to Break Free from Fossil Fuels May 4-16th

break free, break free from fossil fuels, actions worldwide

Actions are happening all over the world

Top US Actions Break Free from Fossil Fuels

On Saturday May 14th, all over the world, a coordinated action to break free from fossil fuels will take place. These actions will take place at strategic locations where people can come together. The southwest central hub is Los Angeles, California. People will meet at the City Hall at 1pm, 200 N. Spring St.

I wish to join from my current location in Tucson, Arizona, however I don‚Äôt have a vehicle or disposable income. It’s a 7.5 hour drive along Interstate 10. I just hitched to San Francisco 10 days ago, and frankly, would prefer to join people in a ride. If anyone reads this, perhaps a few vehicles could be coordinated.

Californians and people of the southwestern states will convene in L.A., home to the nation‚Äôs largest urban oil field in the United States‚ÄĒground zero of California‚Äôs climate fight. We will demand that our elected leaders put an end to the oil and gas production that threaten the state‚Äôs health, environment and future. If California wants to uphold its legacy as a global climate leader, then we must keep oil and gas in the ground as we work toward establishing a sustainable energy economy.

In my case, I wish to attend the Los Angeles action. If anyone is interested in joining, here’s the link to get involved.


New Year Resolutions | Happiness through Action | One Mini Habit at a Time

It‚Äôs the Winter Solstice as I write this, and a new moon. I posted earlier today a blog mentioning the fact that it‚Äôs a good time to initiate new activities and plant seeds; coinciding with these events on our horizon. Certainly the pagan celebrations of the solstice must be the origins of the tradition of ‚ÄėNew Year Resolutions‚Äô.

At this tipping point, it’s a good time to dive in.

Bruce Lee learn to swim jump in the water

Bruce Lee learn to swim jump in the water

As we all are inspired by certain images and have ideals we wish to reach, here’s what I have to say. Happiness is not so much derived by a thing, but by what you do. Sure, having something that is an excellent state-of-the-art tool is great, yet it’s what you actively do, what you craft through your actions, that results in feeling excited, enthusiastic, joyful and a sense of accomplishment. It’s through performing activities and being immersed in them and witnessing the little thresholds of achievement and just knowing the work that was put into it, that we derive happiness.

I‚Äôve recently come across a post of a freelance writer’s guide, in Episode #20 of the International Freelancers Academy. The topic is to forget goals, and focus on habits instead. Ed Gandia states that more than 40% of the actions we do every day are not due to conscious decision making, but habits! When we are doing something habitual, we are not using all of our brain; we‚Äôre sort of on autopilot. Our minds are hard-wired that way. The mind chooses neuropathways that are already developed, the path of least resistance. That means that as we develop new habits, we‚Äôre already on our way to effectively driving change.

Specifically, he talks about creating new mini habits.

Charles Duhigg has a TED talk about his book The Power of Habit.

You can not eliminate a habit, you can only change it for a better alternative.

Though we all have various goals, often they are out of reach because we are holding them out there in front of us, and not actively participating in them. And like standing on the edge of the diving board frozen with fear, the longer we wait to dive in, the more the fear envelopes us. With this in mind, the smaller the better, so as to not intimidate yourself.

I’m working on this right now; forming new mini habits which I gradually embrace and do more of: stretching, reading, writing, composing music, contributing to the book I’m writing.

The other side of the coin, is just being present and mindful of what you are doing at that time.

Language is important as well, because this is how we¬† visualize and conceptualize. Eliminate ‘trying to, would like, wish to’…and

Just Do It.

We All Know This Slogan.




The point of developing Mini Habits, is that when we bring an action down to a small size that isn‚Äôt intimidating, we can easily jump in. Notice my change in words! Certainly, diving, jumping or just sliding in to an activity rather than looking at it from a distance, is enough of an action in itself, to push through a threshold; to consistently build new habits – gradually raising the bar of quantity and quality. Whoops, I guess that by virtue of being of western culture, the future concept of goal, slides into the picture. Best thing is to just do what makes you happy and be present¬†as you’re doing it and go with the flow.

Bruce Lee Knowing not enough Apply Willing not enough must Do

Bruce Lee Knowing is Not enough, We must Apply, We must Do

Don’t ask me why I’m on a Bruce Lee kick, so to speak,

Steven Ho, flying kick

Steven Ho executing a flying kick


it just so happens that the meaning is the important gesture ūüôā Focus on what you wish to aim for, not on what you don’t want.



True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.”¬†¬†‚ÄĒ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Among many other achievements, Antoine de Saint-Exup√©ry is¬†the author of the fabulous book “The Little Prince“.

The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Image from The Little Prince written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry