j u s t c a u g h t m y e y e s e r i e s | Berlin boys’ styles

some more boyz styles in Berlin

j u s t
c a u g h t
m y
e y e



boyz in berlin style

boyz in berlin style



and these photos of Berlin
c a u g h t m y e y e
as well







Bearpit Karaoke | Sunday interactive fun in Mauerpark, Berlin |

For several years now, the bearpit karaoke in Mauerpark has been such a big hit, that the crowd sitting in the built-in amphitheater seats spill over way beyond capacity. On temperate Sundays in Berlin, the karaoke event in addition to the Sunday Flea Market adjacent to Mauerpark, attracts such a big crowd that the park is brimming with musicians and performance art acts. The amicable Irish MC, Joe started the whole affair with a laptop, speakers, batteries and a mic in 2009. He transports the whole lot on a speciality built bike and trailer, revealing his bicycle messenger roots! It’s now such an anticipated, amusing and rewarding event, because it is interspersed with so many different types of acts, from all ages and all levels of talent. The gem is that there’s such warm audience participation, clapping and singing with the individual performers, so that everyone is having a lot of fun engaging in the various acts. Thank you so much Joe for starting such a fantastic interactive Berlin event!

I’ve sang there a few times when I lived previously in Berlin, and had the excitement of singing last Sunday on the 8th of September, upon moving back here a month ago. Joe invited a male to hop up on stage to sing the male rapper part, which someone did, to my singing of Estelle’s “American Boy”. Great fun! The lyrics appear on a laptop, shielded from the sun by an umbrella. Read more about the origins on the home page.


Here’s one example of many recordings that you can find on youtube of bearpitkaraoke events.




Examples of the different music acts strewn throughout Mauerpark, particularly in Sundays, coinciding with the flea market and bearpitkaraoke!







And all the people gathered around the stage and amphitheater.










pic of me, the blogger, Carol Keiter, with my new bicycle in Mauerpark.

Carol Keiter, the blogger in Mauerpark with her new (old) bicycle, purchased at the Mauerpark flea market,.

Carol Keiter, the blogger in Mauerpark with her new (old) bicycle, purchased at the Mauerpark flea market,.

Photo taken by French blogger, regarding all of the people living in Berlin who ride bicycles – loads of them! http://berlinonbike.tumblr.com/

Some pics of Berlin’s Festival of Lights | October 12th – 23rd |

Today, the 12th of October, through the 23rd, is Berlin’s Festival of Lights<a

Check it out, either live, or via their website.

Well, it's been rather cold in the evenings, but I've managed to cycle around on my bike to get some shots during the last few evenings.

That's in addition to participating on Saturday October 15th here in Berlin, as one of the 99% of the population, who wish to 'occupy' the Wall Streets of the world. This was one of many rallies that rippled across the globe, protesting the economic policies that keep the masses from accessing wealth. I'll be posting my reports and photos of the rally in Berlin on my other blog http://digesthis.wordpress.com

By the way, the legs which are barefoot in the snow on digesthis’s home page, are mine together with an acquaintance Michael – a visiting couchsurfer from London who randomly dared people to run around naked in the snow last winter to take some pics!