| the Walls between Dreams and Reality are destroyed- timed with the falling of Berlin Wall |


“Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia” Department of Dreamland Security

In surprise and delight, as I scanned through the Burningman Newsletter
posted out of San Francisco, California, suddenly “Berlin” popped out of the contents.

A Dutch man who had put together an installation at Burningman in Black Rock City in 2008 called “Checkpoint DreamYourTopia” Department of Dreamland Security – was to have its’ last incarnation in Berlin, timed and staged as a performance piece at the midnight hour of the 20th Anniversary since the Wall had fallen.

Dadara, who created this BM installation from his conception and built it there, decided that this would be poignant timing to celebrate its end.  He decided that it should not be burned, but disassembled with sledge hammers and power saws, because of the more participatory contact and involvement in the process.  This two day event was timed to take place in Berlin in the days preceding the falling of the wall on November 9th.

Dadara had brought dreamyourtopia on the road, and brought in graffiti artists to add their statements to the installation, and subsequently to destroy it as onlookers watched, at the midnight hour leading into November 9th, when the Wall fell, that separation between ideologies, 20 years ago.  Dadara had to axe a graffiti charicature of himself in the process!


Participating were a collection of original burners from the States as well as Dutch people, some of whom were at the original burn in ’08, others who were merely here to participate as Checkpoint Border Control Guards, in their pink uniforms – a brain mass pink.

Cheers from Carol

letter to a friend on Halloween

Thanks for having written back in response to my mass email. Cool that you liked what i wrote about Burning Man,


which i haven’t gone to for years now. It sounds very nice that you are right in the vicinity to get into skiing/snow boarding. I perpetually haven’t been able to afford going. that’s why i lived and worked for several years at Taos, and one year at Santa Fe Ski Basin, so that i could get in as many days as possible.

So you’ve made your way into being a therapist, in what sound like very nice approaches. I’ve heard of EMDR through a girl friend of mine who used this to successfully move beyond some fears she had. Great that you’re applying yourself to something genuinely exploring consciousness and helping people to find peace and joy in their lives, in a world torn with  bizarre dis eases.

cheers to you, and it’s Halloween, dusk as i write this, dusk at 5:15, i’m far north in Berlin. and i’m somewhat bummin’ that i’m not celebrating it at some fat parties in NYC, or in SF.