| Happy Winter Solstice 12.21.2010 | ‘Attention’ breaking patterns | Eckhart Tolle’s concept of the Pain Body |

Happy Winter Solstice, ahh the daylight will begin increasing! and happy viewing of the Lunar Eclipse, to those of you who will be able to see it from your place on the planet.

I’ve had to deal recently with some of my own negative thinking ‘habits’, produced by honing into unpleasant i.e. negative thoughts, that just seem to start snow-balling. And so, I just read a few articles that are parallel in their insights into how a person can begin to grasp if they’re beginning to enter the rabbit hole of a negative loop, take responsibility by realizing that it is merely a thought process and learned habit which can be broken, and then allowing your conscious awareness of the process, to break the loop so that you can re-write the script. I decided to share these concepts with any of you who may at times get stuck in a similar ‘downward loop’ of thinking.

These links are about breaking thought patterns, that a person can tend to hold onto, and get stuck in.

The first step is to acknowledge that this is a thought that you are repeating, which you can change. Then to establish ways of re-writing the script and dissipating the thought pattern – ultimately by not giving it any of the energy of your “attention”.

Attention and presence are the significant cues here, to align to.

Actually, to this point, I was just reading some articles in the UTNE READER MARCH-APRIL 2010 issue, about ‘attention’, A Nation Distracted.

One of of the articles in this particular issue had some comments on attention, which resonates with me, though this mention of attention – describing one’s experience as the culmination of all of the different things that you have ‘paid attention to’ – is an echo of the concept of ‘attending’ to something, in terms of being consciously aware and present in the now.


“The Focused Life” excerpts from Winifred Gallagher’s book ‘Rapt’…saying that if you look back into your life, you see that your life – “reality” – has been fashioned through what you’ve paid attention to. That if you’d paid attention to other things, your life would be very different. Attention has created the experience and the ‘self’ stored in your memory; looking ahead, what you focus on will create the life and person yet to be.”

I say, that ‘attention’ is beyond thinking, it is conscious awareness, because I’ve moved fluidly through certain actions and experiences, in which I absolutely was not ‘directing’ the process through thinking, because it would have been too limiting. As Sri Chinmoy states in his talks on thought, from the viewpoint of the concept of having a ‘soul’, says that “though each thought can carry a specific weight in your mind, and has its’ own special signification,”…that “the human mind feels that thought is the ultimate power and light, but this is a deplorable mistake, because only by silencing the mind can one receive this message from the absolute Supreme”.


Well, now I’m finding myself skeptical about this too, and have to tread lightly between the lines to extract what information makes more sense to me, in terms of describing the human condition of the brain/body/universe connection – as it relates to the different conscious states from thought to awareness, in which one can dream an idea into existence by imbuing it with the power of the thought, or side-stepping the thought and observing it, and merely being present, attending to just what you are doing, without taking the slower and more cumbersome route of ‘thinking’ about what you’re doing.

I.e. the time that I played tennis with my friend. Both of us have already navigated the game, learned about the strokes, pace…We each started out slowly, gathering confidence after we practiced hitting the ball back and forth. There came a point, that we each were hitting really well; solid, fast-paced defined strokes back and forth. We talked about this phase that we got into later, in which neither of us were ‘thinking’ about what we were doing. It was way beyond dissecting the motion into parts to formulate the next move, but more of a complete zoning out | into complete attention. I’ve heard the same to be true if someone tries to work out a problem or digest information, that you can grasp a concept more quickly, if you take in and digest more of the matter more comprehensively, without getting stuck on little details that mitigate your ability to ‘grasp’ the whole subject. I’m sorry, but i can’t help but slip this into the wordplay, the concept in the “Star Wars” movie of ‘using the force’.

This link describes Eckhart Tolle’s concept of the ‘pain body’, which is like a living organism of energy, coagulated painful thought memories that are bound up into a kinduv ethereal body. Well, even the concept is a bit ethereal…but makes sense nonetheless.

Eckhart Tolle is basically stating that we have emotion imprints buried within our bodies from childhood, and even more far reaching than that, intertwining with biological DNA ‘memories’ if you will, which form a kind of physical energy aura, circulating around your physical body.

He says that this pain body is an organism that wants to survive, like any other organism, and it feeds on your own negative thinking patterns:

And that every time that certain negative; i.e. distressing, anxious, jealous, fearful….thoughts come up that a person starts to loop, that this energy just helps to magnify and bolster up the pain body.

However, if a person simply acknowledges these thoughts, as what they are, ‘thoughts’ that you are holding onto and repeating, that by your awareness of it, becoming the observer and not attaching to the thoughts and believing that “these thoughts are me”, that you then give this energy nothing to feed on, and it dissipates its’ strength.


“The pain body feeds on your thoughts … it gobbles up the Energy of every destructive or negative thought, it ‘eats it up’, so to speak.

…So the pain body doesn’t want you to observe it directly and see it for what it is. The moment you observe, feel its energy field within you, and take your attention into it, the identification is broken. A higher dimension of consciousness has come in. I call it presence.

Unconsciousness creates it; consciousness transmutes it into itself…..

Awareness of the pain-body is important. through cultivating awareness and presence, when the pain-body lashes out, you can recognize it more easily. You can see it. Now you can be aware that this is not who you are, but you feeding into it becoming active. The greatest agent for change is awareness, as Eckhart says.

“This too shall pass.” When you are cultivating presence and a sense of awareness, you will be able to have a quicker recovery from an active pain-body. You will be able to know this active state of the pain-body shall pass.”

| I frankly have trouble with the concept of the ‘pain body’, because it sounds to me like the very concept is trying to throw the responsibility to something ‘outside of yourself’. Yet the idea of recognizing that you can opt to step outside of a process of thought which is feeding into negative energy, by becoming aware of it to the point of breaking its’ flow and dissipating it, does make sense. |

back to Eckhart’s words:

When it passes, you go back to generating presence, to practices that help you cultivate presence so the next time the pain-body becomes active you can have a greater degree of awareness around the experience, without letting it consume you.

Presence power that you cultivate actually breaks up the strength of the pain-body itself.”

Though this second article is regarding the subject of ‘jealous thoughts’, the concept of changing a thought pattern is nevertheless the same, regardless of what loop you happen to be stuck in.

and excerpts from this article on jealousy


If a person has thoughts, such as: I can’t do this, no one will ever hire me, I will never get out of this situation…

then you can use the same exercise, of first

acknowledging the thoughts coming up, “oh shit, i’m doing it again”.

then go to a quiet place, get grounded, listen to your breathing, feel how your body has been reacting to these obsessive negative thoughts, and acknowledge what the thoughts are, then recognize that they are merely how you are interpreting the situation, and that the thoughts are a habitual process, that can be broken. and if you then re-direct the thoughts to thinking about when in the past you have had a lot of success with your work/projects/livelihood and when you can imagine this to be something that will occur again in the future, or what you could do to initiate something towards manifesting your talents… in this direction, then you are already stepping into a more empowered place, because you’re not just telling yourself only the same repeated, negative viewpoint.


“Jealous thoughts are a habit, that can be changed.

“3 minute jealous thought stopper”

• sit – sit in a quiet area, bathroom, whatever
• settle – close eyes, deep breaths, get grounded, feel yourself slowing down your breathing and breathing deeper
• awareness – come into awareness of your jealous thoughts at the moment, what exactly are you thinking, say it to yourself
• ask – ask yourself if you know your jealous thoughts to be true, absolutely true. what evidence do you have to support these thoughts? whether you think your thoughts are true or not true, bring your attention to yourself; hear and gut & feel the sensations in your body. what are you feeling in your body? is there tightness, a big knot, emptiness, heaviness?
• allow – allow your sensations to be there without judging them and breath into that part of the body. if you feel heavy in your heart area, breathe into that heaviness until the sensation softens. if you feel a knot in your gut, breathe into that know until it starts to loosen.
• replace – replace that jealous movie running in your head with one that is more in alignment with what you want in your life – because the reality is that both outcomes are possible!

if you know that your jealous thoughts aren’t true but see yourself being cheated on or your partner leaving you anyway, replace that movie with a favorite memory from the past with your partner or special moments between the two of you that are happening in the present or could happen in the future.

• running a different movie in your mind when jealous thoughts come up is a scientifically proven fact, your brain cannot tell the difference between seeing something that’s real and seeing something that you only imagine in your mind’s eye.

your body reacts to things in your imagination.

when you imagine your partner wanting to be with someone else…you are running and re-running that movie until it becomes very real to you.

jealousy is a habit, and it’s a habit that can be broken.

for 21 days, every time that your jealous thoughts come up, do this technique and you won’t believe how much ease you will begin to feel.

if it happens to be that your jealous thoughts ARE true, and cheating is really going on, then instead of your new movie being a favorite memory, see yourself taking the next step in an empowered way instead of continuing your jealous cycle.”

abbbadddeee abbbadddeee abbbadddeee that’s all folks!
happy solstice!