Manifesto for a Green New Deal | FDR’s MAGA response to Wall Street Collapsing the Economy into the Great Depression

Manifesto of the many projects which could manifest the Green New Deal. What would you choose to be involved in?

In a more recent evolution of house searching posts, I suggested an ‘artist residency’ ‘in your home’, in which both the artist and proprietor are involved. If the artists doesn’t produce according to the agreed timeline, they lose the room. Win/Win. A humanitarian tax investment, coupled with the motivation-propulsion by the artist to deliver, to maintain the residence. Then I was thinking, this could be part of the Green New Deal, a takeoff on FDR’s ‘New Deal’ which involved the (NRA) ‘National Recovery Act‘.

Within a year of the 1929 stock market crash, 50% of the population was unemployed.  The (WPA) Works Progress Administration concept was to employ mandatory structural works, with everyone involved in rebuilding; to put the entire country ‘to work’ – from local to regional – improving their own territories and their quality of life. Among these, the (TVA) Tennessee Valley Authority (which stretched beyond the borders of Tennessee) involved the entire community in constructing a hydroelectric dam, who previously had no electricity whatsoever. In the process, the stones they excavated were used to build homes.

There is one policy proposal that could bring together experts and average citizens alike to work on whatever we decide to do: resurrect the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

The (CCC) Civilian Conservation Corps also involved restoring, beautifying, repurposing places around the country. The concentration was on re-building the infrastructure of the US, ‘Making it Great Again’, after Wall Street devastated the country with the economic crash that lead the trajectory to the Great Depression.

Does this not give huge perks to the idea of instead, putting the local resources and commodities into the hands and protection of the people?

Establishing local ‘Commons’, in which all the members of the community share ownership and responsibility – as proprietors of their own wealth of resources – to protect: land, water, forests, rivers and air. So that rather than private industries having a right of passage to purchase, privatize and reap rewards and profits for themselves, the community who maintain their resources, have profits recycled back into the community for further enrichment. I remember walking in East Providence, Rhode Island, and looking down at the sidewalk and seeing that this was achieved through the WPA.

Different communities could have their own commons, in addition to creating virtual collective ‘round table’ commons in which information and ideas are exchanged transparently, benefiting all. Meetings of minds to exchange ideas for super efficient and inexpensive ways to manage resources, build sustainable transportation infrastructure and produce energy locally. 

My current 77 year old housemate just told me that with the CCC, artists, musicians, writers, performers, actors were all put to work: painting, playing music, entertaining, doing theatre. To make their environment more beautiful and rich with activities. What could possibly be distasteful about being matched to a project that suits one’s interests and capabilities?

I was talking with my sister about how treacherous it is to lose the majestic forests of tall and elegant Pine trees here in Georgia. With awareness of the risk of losing a treasure, we could all be put to work in coming up with ideas that are environmentally ethical and sustainable alternatives. Regardless of the standard for centuries, we know that our planet has finite space and resources. Presently, with an abundance of waste products, there are innumerable ways to employ trash that can be recycled and repurposed. Work that involves brainstorming and design, research and development; encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us, each involved in their own way. 

Repurpose waste materials, combined with products that are abundant. Design and construct things repurposing plastic, glass bottles, cans, rubber from tires, etc. I recently walked on the cushioned surface of pedestrian paths created by Georgia Southern university made from tire rubber, meshed together with other materials. It looks like wood chips, but tightly woven, smooth and resilient.  World Wildlife Fund stresses that we need to love nature, or lose it.

Energy, transportation could be redesigned. Instead of paying a private utility company, involve the community in the design, research and development and maintenance of their own energy. If the mentality was changed to complete transparency with an intent on conservation, preservation, health and beauty, involvement in decision making about areas where one has more of a relationship, they would want to take more responsibility and have pride in what their individual contributions to the community manifested in their own region, country or municipality. 

Anyway, can you imagine, being able to almost effortlessly, drift towards work that you’d love to participate in, which is completely connected to an area you’d like to invest your time and talent, education and energy into?  OK, say the Green New Deal work is mandatory, obligatory and enforced, yet people are given multiple options to match themselves in projects they have interested in, because they enjoy it and are subsequently good at it. Did you hear that correctly? People expressing themselves while participating in assignments in which they have interest.  Climate Mandate A Time to Heal.

For some, it may be municipal works in which they are rejuvenating the streets of their town, greening walkways, creating parks and gardens to create pedestrian areas, greening buildings (growing vertical gardens on buildings sides and greening and/or solar rooftops), cleaning up and beautifying a places, restoring, planting trees, establishing neighborhood community vegetable gardens, developing public transportation and local energy systems.

Others may want to apply their participation in the Green New Deal Works by venturing on trains and sailboats to far reaches of the planet, to clean up, collect and separate the massive, ubiquitous plastic trash. One could work together with others with the same intention. Perhaps cleaning up rivers in India, beaches in Southeast Asia, helping countries to restore equilibrium and to balance their environmental impact. Or traveling to remote islands to monitor marine life, land animals and birds, to join E.O. Wilson’s ‘Half-Earth Project’, joining millions to protect half of the earth and sea, for wildlife. Contributing information about local flora and fauna, observing, documenting, identifying sources of pollutants, assessing the more biodiverse regions, in order to incorporate these into the protected earth.

Or joining a crew in the middle of an ocean (via train and sailboat) to clear the islands of plastic that have accumulated in every ocean. Debris swept with the currents of gyres to deposit plastic mounds, which like ice burgs, have much which has accumulated beneath the surface. People could collect and sift the microplastics throughout oceans and beaches. Some could make jewelry, others collect the microplastics to be mixed with others materials like mud, or the fibers of hemp or bamboo (both fast growing), to replace concrete, for walls, roads, sidewalks. paths. The volumes of rubber from dead tires can be mixed with fibers as building materials

What if part of the Green New Deal for people of any age, scientists, entrepreneurs and thinkers, participated in working out Nikola Tesla’s original experimentation with Zero-Point energy. John Searl points out that an enormous amount of energy is perpetually present all around us, because all matter (which is energy), is in constant motion. Our earth, solar system, galaxy, are all in continuous spiraling motion. At the quantum level, all is continuously moving. Searl talks of capturing this energy that is everywhere around us, through a pretty simple device – using magnets – that perpetuate a continuous flow of energy, with no friction. Clean and quiet. 

Others may want to participate in brainstorming ways to develop energy and other processes that are sustainable; that do not involve harming habitats or diminishing natural resources. Taking down telephone poles and electric wires. and instead of silicon or mining rare minerals used in the production of our telecommunications technology, adapting the implementation of graphene: 1-atom thick wafers of carbon. Graphene is extremely conductive, and sourced from carbon, the most abundant material around. 

Kenyan Woman’s Startup Recycles Plastic Waste into Bricks That Are 5x Stronger Than Concrete -Andy Corley

Or one may prefer helping locally in a community garden, planting trees along every street, or doing physical work like creating bamboo or hemp woven with plastic sidewalks, that have the durability of concrete but more flexibility to allow tree roots to breath and grow naturally, without cracking, planting bee highways. Why bee highways? Because everything in nature is connected and interdependent. It’s all about biodiversity. Here’s an explanation of ecoliteracy from Nature’s Web of LIfe.

Jobs would re-create a massive eco alternative, to the current industrial and digital. Because we need less new construction and more imagining of green alternatives and acknowledgment of the habitats of other creatures, we can learn new methods of living harmoniously with the other species inhabiting the planet. 

Each can contribute something, with a pencil, paint brush, tool or shovel..Cleaning up, clearing out, repurposing and transforming areas. Planting trees to transform barren, dusty areas or humid regions prone to landslides, to restore them. 

Every city mapping out car-free, pedestrian-friendly areas. Creating clean and efficient public transportation options.

With an increasing population of elderly, immigrants – children and adults – could be given education and placement as companions and helpers to the elderly. They could assist, clean, maintain, help with transportation, make meals, learn how to monitor basic vital signs and administer medication, listen to stories, learn the language of their host country and exchange stories. Housing in exchange for services and companionship. Without having the insurance industry having a choke hold on who can be let into your home. 

Recently, observing from back roads in Georgia, I noticed less and less tall pines along the road and well, what about the boars? Shall we begin to entirely ‘think differently and rethink together? What building materials, types of vehicles, types of energy that we have used traditionally, to recreate sustainable means everywhere? Not just to be implemented in the Northern Hemisphere.

Prohibit housing and development from spreading like a virus, prohibit expansion of box store franchises, and create more and more green spaces.

Reformulate all factories, mines, yeah, even off-shore oil wells, etc. to create housing, establish reefs…

Repurpose agricultural fields or crops grown to feed animals for the meat industry, into hemp, bamboo, plants which humans eat, plant trees. Undoubtedly, the more minds who are engaged in conjuring up clever ideas, to re-think designs, materials and energy to create sustainable solutions, the more rewarding and fascinating this process will be. Might as well attempt incentivizing people towards better health by encouraging vegetarian diets and informing people about the facts of how unsustainable and wasteful it is to devote land to raising animals; they require more land and water than what the land could be used for to feed humans. Eco education is a must. Green New Deal Projects involving growing food together and learning about nutrition and cooking would be invaluable for young people. Break up pavement and replace it with sustainable ones. Plant trees, EVERYWHERE. Nurture the wilderness. As George Monbiot states, we need to ‘rewild the world’.

There are so many ways the Green New Deal could be a fantastic luxury: putting talent and natural incentive to task. Employing simple fungi to clean up toxic spills, and generate biological life. If we would all be incentivized to clean up plastic all over the world, this could be repurposed with bamboo or hemp, to create building material. We could have a decade and a half of clearing out the trash that humanity has deposited all over the planet, and repurposing it to designs that replace using trees. 

David Roberts explains The Green New Deal in this article.   The Sunrise Movement of youth demanding action is huge.

What if news channels, delivered by those who own them, were transformed into venues of participatory global commons, in which counties, municipalities, states and federal domains would maintain a global commons channel, for communities to exchange ideas about energy and transportation infrastructure.

Does this sound insanely idealistic? Radically off the cuff, stream-of-consciousness babble? Or am I making a point for ‘socialism’, community shared intention and commitment, to full-out re-appropriation and repurposing of space and industry. With training and education matched with interest and desire to task. Channels streamlined for the purpose of actively sharing ideas at digital round tables – rather than passively listening to news that is dictated by those who wish you to passively attend to that subject. What if everyone was engaged in thinking of ideas, finding teams to draw them up and design, then manifest them? 

There would be plenty of ‘work’, to create effective animal bridges and tunnels, to nurture the habitats and migratory nature of animals. With an emphasis on community, not driven by profit or anthropomorphism, but with genuine appreciation and wonder of the natural world. Education can focus on ‘ecoliteracy’. Awareness of the interconnected nature of life and the need to protect habitats and maintain biodiversity, will translate into a population of caring and proactive youths. products, re-appropriate factories and dirty industries. 

How would you want to contribute? What would you like to involve yourself in? Where’s the money coming from? Well, all the billionaires, of course. 

The gravity of the Electric Universe Theory | 99.99% is Plasma |

I recently heard of the theory of the electric a.k.a. plasma universe, and was compelled to explore it. Soon I realized that there’s a bit of not sibling rivalry, but a charged distinction between the two. It’s as if one begets the other. “The Electric Universe is a variant of Plasma Cosmology” and it is necessary to differentiate between the two. Whereas they share more similarities than differences, EU ideas tend to go a step further. For example, the authors of “Plasma Cosmology & Electric Universe Theory” clarify that in EU theory: The magnetic fields we see in space are created by ionized plasma which is electrically conductive. Large electrical currents flow through space plasma, which can ultimately explain observations that are currently attributed to things such as black holes or dark matter. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) studying the Van Allen Radiation Belts (RBSP) mention; The standard Law of Gravity relies exclusively on the masses of celestial bodies and the distances between them…Yet nearly 90% of the mass necessary to account for the observed motion is missing. That something which is missing, the Electric Universe theory has the answer to; the missing component is electricity, in a visible universe within which 99.999% is plasma.

It appears that the history books have been leaning towards one point of view, so as to not disrupt the popular consensus. The physicist Wallace Thornhill proclaims that the concepts of black holes and dark matter are ‘virtual possibilities’ contrived through the complex mathematical equations of theoretical physicists, to explain the ‘black holes’ in their theories. Listening to his presentation about the electrical nature of the universe in Thunderbolts of the Gods, Thornhill introduces us to the electrical properties of things and what lead him to his conclusions and presents his ideas of the elegant simplicity of the electrical universe. And in this digitized article about the electrical nature of gravity in holoscience, he makes his case. Regarding this rift in the culture of western science, Thornhill stresses that the current school of thought favoring Einstein’s principles of gravity and space-time, has lead us in the wrong direction.

A number of scientists who performed experiments to empirically demonstrate their theories about the electrical nature of the universe, had results which were decidedly, impertinent. They bucked the popular understanding of the time; Einstein’s theories of relativity published in 1916 (based on Newton’s 17th century principles of universal gravitation) designated gravity as a property of space-time, holding the solar system together. And that nothing goes faster than the speed of light. Yet allegedly, even Einstein wasn’t fully convinced of the air-tightness of his own theories.

Nikola Tesla was one of the people whose theories tore at the popular beliefs of the time. A contemporary of Einstein, their ideas were in competition. One of his inventions around 1891, was the Tesla coil, an electrical resonant transformer circuit.

Ampère’s discoveries back in the 1820’s, also threatened the status quo years later. SHOULD THE LAW OF GRAVITY BE REPEALED?
 The Suppressed Electrodynamics of Ampère-Gauss-Weber written by Laurence Hecht. Ampère’s new science ‘electrodynamics’, declared that the force between the elements was not simply dependent on the inverse square of their distance of separation (gravity) but in addition, depended on the angles which these infinitesimal, directional elements made with the line connecting their centers, and with each other.

It was Kristian Birkeland, a Norwegian scientist, in his experiments back in the 19th century which lead to the eventual study of plasma physics and recognition in the 1950’s of the fourth state of matter, plasma.

Besides solids, liquids and gases, the fourth state of matter is plasma. Plasma is an ionized or charged gas, into which sufficient energy is provided to free electrons from atoms or molecules and to allow both species (ions and electrons) to coexist. In effect a plasma is a cloud of protons, neutrons and electrons, in which all the electrons have come loose from their respective molecules and atoms, giving the plasma the ability to act as a whole rather than as a bunch of atoms.

Birkeland’s research into the phenomenon of the Aurora borealis lead to proposing that this was an electromagnetic occurrence. His results lead to detecting for the first time a global pattern of electric currents in the polar region from ground magnetic field measurements. Extending the discovery of Telluric currents – electrical currents running along the earth’s crust and oceans to the Birkeland currents in the Earth’s magnetosphere, which are driven by the solar wind, the interplanetary magnetic field and by bulk motions of plasma through the magnetosphere (convection which is indirectly driven by the interplanetary environment).

Electricity is apparent throughout the universe, it has been identified beneath our feet, in animals and plants, throughout our biosphere (including the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere) and to the furthest reaches of the Universe. Electricity is present wherever there is plasma. Plasmas are the most common state of matter in the universe, comprising more than 99% of our visible universe, most of which is not visible. Plasma occurs naturally and makes up the stuff of our sun, the core of stars and occurs in quasars, x-ray beam emitting pulsars, and supernovas.

On earth, plasma is naturally occurring in flames, lightning and the auroras. This plasma state is a magnetic field in which electric currents are everywhere. The galaxies are connected by huge electric currents flowing through the universe. Most space plasmas have a very low density, for example the Solar Wind which averages only 10 particles per cubic-cm. Inter-particle collisions are unlikely – hence these plasmas are termed collisionless.

In a former model, the sun was perceived as a burning fire in the sky; a nuclear fusion from a source within itself, that will eventually burn out. The electric universe theory, however, sees the sun as receiving energy from the rest of the universe. The sun, as a typical star, is a focus for that energy.

Solar electricity is revealed as solar flares produce current loops.

When viewing sun spots, the center is dark. If the sun is radiating energy from its core into space, then why are the center of the sun spots – where you can see deepest into the sun – the darkest and coldest places? If the center of the sun is a “nuclear fusion furnace”, (hydrogen to helium fusion), this should be the hottest. The umbra, the center of the sun spots, is dark, revealing that the sun is electrical in nature.

This diagram reveals that the sun’s surface temperature is 6,000 K, whereas the corona is 2,000,000 degrees K. The corona is an electrical phenomena. The electric model says that the energy is arriving from outside the sun, where particle acceleration occurs.

The particles in a solar wind, increase in velocity with increasing distance. They accelerate with increasing velocity, the faster they move away from the sun. These are charged particles; an electrical process. Put a charged particle in an electric field, and it will accelerate.

During the day using a solar filter, one can see the electromagnetic activity of our own Sun tossing immensely hot filaments of plasma into space. We can demonstrate the existence of these currents that flow between galaxies and stars by the presence of the magnetic fields they generate. Magnetic fields are generated by electric currents.

With bigger telescopes, like Hubble, astronomers can see intricately arrayed Birkeland currents winding through planetary nebulae. The heart of our galaxy is brightly lit in a sparkling electromagnetic rainbow driven by powerful electrical currents carried on intergalactic transmission lines.

“The Universe is not an abstract mathematical construct of dark matter halos, black hole singularities or geometrically perfect neutron stars. It is filled with electric currents flowing through chaotically beautiful filaments, which can not so easily be captured in linear differential equations.”

Plasma cosmology is officially recognized by the largest professional organization in the world, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), while big bang cosmologists ignore it. And having just perused the Los Alamos National Laboratory website I’m realizing that in fact, this theory has already been going strong with some. Reading Timothy Eastman’s quote, I realize that rather than referring to this as the electric universe theory, it’s more appropriately called the plasma universe!

Plasma is scalable over an enormous number of magnitudes! My other blog references several mind-expanding journeys, put together by various sources at different time periods about the scalability of the universe by the power of 10; revealing its immense size in the macro and micro, in X ten jumps. This image of a plasma lamp displays its properties.

The electrical nature of the universe is further corroborated, as studies of the comet Hales demonstrate its electrical properties.
Typically it occurs as a double braided current in the small scale, as in the image of an electrical discharge produced in a laboratory.

As Thunderbolts of the Gods describes, the ancient symbols in different lands correspond to a description of Venus as a comet. Venus’ tail (flux ropes). Meteoroids are electrically charged due to cosmic rays, solar UV, solar wind. Therefore, the stringy things coming from Venus’s tail reveal that Venus was a comet in ancient times, confirming an electrical model because plasmic currents flow in streams. The various symbols – serpent or dragon, long haired star or gleaming serpent biting its tail – were all describing the structure of a high energy plasma discharge.

The brightness of the dust, on impact of the comet, was finely divided dust. An electrical discharge on a surface will release a very finely divided material, a dust. This is the technique used to sputter fine metals to create astronomical mirrors.

The physicist Wallace Thornbill expresses, that he came to a flash realization while attending a conference in the United States in which David Talbott was showing slides of similar symbols from cultures all over the planet, and realized that these images were in fact, electric discharges, which when

scaled to the size of a galaxy, you see the same structures.

And that this symbolism in many cultures, described an event which occurred in the sky. The language of a comet and language of Venus is the same. A comet is a charged object moving through an electric field, in which the Comet nuclei and dust are charged electrostatically. Comet plasma tails, generate magnetic fields and electric currents. What brought the disciplines together, was the discovery of the similarities between early symbolism which were part of myths all over the planet, to the electric nature of the universe.

The Swedish electrical engineer and plasma physicist, Hannes Alfvén argued in 1937, “that if plasma pervaded the universe, it could then carry electric currents capable of generating a galactic magnetic field. After winning the Nobel Prize for his works in magnetohydrodynamics, he emphasized that: In order to understand the phenomena in a certain plasma region, it is necessary to map not only the magnetic but also the electric field and the electric currents. Space is filled with a network of currents which transfer energy and momentum over large or very large distances. The currents often pinch to filamentary or surface currents. The latter are likely to give space, as also interstellar and intergalactic space, a cellular structure.”

His theoretical work on field-aligned electric currents in the aurora (based on earlier work by Kristian Birkeland) was confirmed by satellite observations, in 1974, resulting in the discovery of Birkeland currents. From the first 1820 breakthrough hypothesizing the origin of magnetism in microscopic electrical currents, the Ampère electrodynamics was seen as a means of gaining insight into the microphysical domain.

Thornhill further argues that, “The enormously complex task of adducing the atomic structure from such indirect evidence as that provided by spectroscopy, came to an abrupt, abnormal halt about the time of the 1927 Solvay conference, where Bohr’s great oversimplification of atomic structure was imposed by political thuggery of the worst sort. Here again, we come to the importance of a virtually unknown aspect of Weber’s work.

The point here is best summarized by reference to the last two of the memoirs, published in Weber’s lifetime, under the title Elektrodynamische Maassbestimmungen (Determinations of Electrodynamic Measure). The 1870 memoir, available in English, was the first to come to this writer’s attention, about a decade ago.

Alfvén’s successor, Anthony Perratt of Los Alamos Laboratories, using particle-in-cell computer simulations, has demonstrated the evolution of galactic structures under the influence of electric currents. Peratt’s work contributing to our current view of the plasma universe can be viewed at the Los Alamos government laboratory website on the subject. Through the “pinch effect”, parallel currents converge to produce spiraling structures.”

In “Electric Gravity in an Electric Universe”, Thornhill parlays where the Einstein school diverged, when it moved in the direction of theoretical mathematics. “We missed a chance to include electricity in astronomy in the early 1900s. Birkeland was performing his electrical ‘little Earth,’ or Terrella, experiments in Norway, and Gauss and Weber were discovering the electrical interactions of matter.” The mathematical physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss at Göttingen University, wrote a paper introducing the magnetometer in 1832, substantiating Ampère’s theories; advancing into current studies of Magnetics. He goes on to say that, “Today, physicists labour under misconceptions about the nature of matter and space; the relationship between matter, mass and gravity; the electrical nature of stars and galaxies; and the size, history and age of the universe. So when astrophysicists turn to particle physicists to solve their intractable problems and particle physicists use it as an excuse for squandering billions of dollars on futile experiments, neither party recognizes that the other discipline is in a parlous state. Science seems to have taken a wrong turn about this time. After three hundred years of progressively simplifying the description of the universe, with fewer entities and simpler laws, it suddenly turned the other way, with complexity and entities multiplying like rabbits.”

In “Electric Gravity in an Electric Universe” Thornhill describes Ralph Sansbury’s electrical theory of magnetism and gravity, which he finds the most palatable; subatomic particles as resonant systems of orbiting smaller electric charges, in which the transfer of energy between the subtrons in their orbits, within the classical electron radius, must be resonant and near instantaneous for them to be stable.”

Thornhill says “It’s ironic that such a model requires the electric force between the charges to operate incomparably faster than the speed of light, in order that the electron remain a coherent particle.” Further justifying him to demand that “Einstein’s special theory of relativity, that prohibits signaling faster than light, must be repealed.”

Thornhill’s postulates that “the crucial difference between the near-infinite speed of the electric force and the relative dawdle of light on any cosmic scale, is that the electric force is longitudinal, while light is an oscillating transverse signal moving slowly through a medium.” His theory resonates with me, and the near-infinite speed of the electrical force lays this paradigm, in which the instantaneous transmission of information between minds, ‘makes sense’. Several of my hitchabout journals toy with a way to explain instantaneous information transfer; wherein ESP, intuition and synchronistic phenomena exist in a kind of holographic dimension. Perhaps there’s a plasma transmission of resonant meaning patterns! Jeremy Narby talks about the transmission of knowledge from plants, through his research as an anthropologist.

Here’s a diagram of a plasma bowl consisting of twin braided filaments. Nature finds it efficient to transmit energy by twisting / braiding two twin filaments together

Plasma carries electric currents in space as the filamentary structures in stars, galaxies and in comets.

On the microscopic level as well, nature employs the most efficient method for transmitting energy, in the braided spirals of DNA

The gods must not be that crazy after all.