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Let me start this all over again. I looked at this blog last evening, horrified, well astonished anyway, at the grammatical errors that I saw beaming out at me in just the first sentences, corrected these immediately and went on writing into the early morning, to wake up to look at the same mistakes beaming back at me. Somehow all the edits I wrote, ‘updated’ and subsequently previewed, vanished – despite the alleged ‘autosave’ feature. The process of researching and writing this has started to spin off into hours, upon hours of multi-verses ‘-))

The scientific pop-culture video which I watched in 2008, for which I referenced the various scientists featured in the production at the end of this blog, has since been taken ‘off the air’. However, embedded within this blog, Curiosity: Parallel Universes – Are They Real ? are a series of videos on the same subject – Parallel Universes – produced by the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, National Geographic and the BBC. The top one half-way down the page features a 42 minute video narrated by Morgan Freeman, produced by the Discovery Channel in 2011. It communicates the subject clearly to the lay person, describing the statistical likelihood that we don’t just live in one uni-verse, but in an infinite expansion of many universes, or a mulitverse of parallel universes. The patterns repeat, infinitely. Here is more information on the subject multiverse. One scientist, Andre Linde describes the inflation cosmology theory. However another physicist, Paul Steinhart has a different view. He imagines an additional fourth spatial dimension to our three-dimensional world, which is separate by only a very thin membrane; a separate, parallel universe that doesn’t actually interact with ours. The theory is called the Brane cosmology.

The producers elicit that the mathematical calculations of theoretical physicists – who describe the infinitesimally small world of microscopic particles – and cosmologists – whose scope is the infinitely large one of the cosmos and its origins, project a world that goes beyond the 3 dimensions of time and space (width, length and depth), to one of 11 dimensions. And both describe this exciting world of vibrating membranes, on the microscopic and cosmic level.

In particle physics, theoretical physicists describe the movements of electrons and quarks within atoms, as being 1-dimensional lines, or vibrating “strings”, the oscillating movement distinguishing them from being 0-dimensional objects. The successive different versions of String theory have expanded into M-theory, referring to vibrating membranes. M-theory is an extension of string theory involving 11 dimensions.

In fact, M theory explains how the tiniest and the largest things in the universe function. Scientists looking at how the universe was formed and how it’s shaped, propose an origin describing super-sized membranes colliding with each other, producing an expansion of bubbles, each containing universes expanding in the bulk. It proposes that among a myriad of membranes, our universe is tethered to just one membrane wall.

You can read more about “Bubble Collisions in the very early universe“.

These giant walls of energetic matter, separate universes, float side by side, like huge sheets in the bulk/hyperspace. The membranes can be very close to each other, perhaps just a millimeter apart. An entire universe can be attached to a brain, or a universe can occupy the whole of another one. Look, I’m not making this up, I’m perhaps a bit sloppily mashing the concepts together, because indeed, I’m not a physicist nor a mathematician, but someone intellectually and emotionally interested in the subject matter!

Physicists realize that to make sense of everything, Einstein’s principles of gravity in unison with quantum mechanics, the universe must exist in 11 dimensions. 6 or 7 of them in all probability are very tiny, and exist right in front of us.

Among the different interpretations of parallel universes; level 1 describes that statistically, duplicate universes must exist, but would be so far away that the light would never reach us for us to be able to detect them. Level 2 describes replica universes, separated from us in time and space. In the level 3 parallel universe, duplicates exist right here, right now, present in the exact same space and time, but undetectable by us because they are in a different dimension; among which there are an infinite number of them – in the many worlds theory. One small quantum difference could separate you from an entire universe, where there are multiple copies of yourself.

In the world of quantum mechanics, electrons have been detected to appear, then disappear, and can be in multiple places at the same time. This is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Just as electrons can exist in several places at the same time, so can these parallel universes. Parallel universes occupy the same space, in a different dimension.

Scientists at Fermi Lab are looking for these extra dimensions, through smashing microscopic particles together at super speeds in large particle accelerators. They say that the smoking gun (scientific evidence that is highly suggestive in favor of the hypothesis) is gravity, a very weak force. The particles that carry gravity are called gravitons. Physicists look for the disappearance of gravitons during the collision of particles, indicating that they’ve slipped off to another dimension.

As I watched this video, taking screen grabs and also sound clips (as I am producing a new song called “string_to_m_theory”, as I was saving the second last file regarding multiple.universes 2, two sound clips shot out so that suddenly there were two simultaneous windows, saving the same sound clip, at the same time. Then when I got to this place in the video which I wanted specifically to record the physicist, Max Tegmark of MIT making a statement, in order to loop it, the computer spun out a second window of the same video, so that now two were playing at the same time, which was captured in that 2_mutiple.universe.mp3 clip. Weird!

What scientists theorize, is that these passageways, bridges or portals between different dimensions, are what are called worm holes, or “Einstein-Rosen Bridges”, since it was Albert Einstein and his colleague in 1935 who first conceptualized these hypothetical features in spacetime, as shortcuts, from one dimension to another.

Though it may be theoretically impossible for a human being to survive moving through a wormhole, the biggest problem is that you wouldn’t know where you might wind up. One idea that scientists have, is that if this wormhole is microscopic in size, they could build an atom-sized nanobot (in the realm of nanotechnology, a microscopic-sized robot), to carry the DNA of the human species with it, to seed another dimension, just as the seeds from trees pollinate the area around them carried by the wind. Scientists believe that if a future high-tech generation were able to create enough energy – such as by focusing numerous high-powered laser beams to the same point – that this enormous concentration of energy (Planck’s constant) could burn a hole into the fabric of spacetime, to induce a wormhole. Enormous energy concentrated at a single point could cause space and time itself to become unstable, causing little bubbles to form.

Bubbles which are gateways or portals to other universes. In other words, they would be playing God.

The physicists who were being interviewed for this documentary.


For your information: I’m currently writing a book (under the guise of a Children’s book, yet for teenagers on up ‘-), in which I’m incorporating basic physics concepts into the tale. A quest of two characters’ towards reaching this utopian place. I then intend to create an e-book, in which music compositions will accompany the text and illustrations. I’m a bit daunted, yet somehow these various blogs I’ve been involved in are ultimately part of the research. I’ve decided to not yet make the title public!

the missing dimension | Quantum Consciousness |

In January of 2010, I blogged about an earlier ‘hitchabout‘, which I mentioned then, is a wordplay, aligned with the concept of the Aboriginal Walkabout.
During this hitchhiking adventure, a number of synchronicities took place. I recognized then, two repeated themes which surfaced during this journey. One of these was on the subject of Native American spirituality which came up repeatedly. One with respect to a dreamcatcher that was present which is a Native American legend. The other, my introduction to a hint of the concept of the changes that are taking place presently in the world, through a meeting which took place among North and South American Indians in 2003, with some of their insights captured in “The White Road“.

The other recurring theme was neuroplasticity.

In “The White Road“, the indigenous people describe that they are certain that not only is all past information of the universe stored in our bodies, but that we are constantly provided with new information from the Cosmos. It flows through us so that we can consciously perceive the information, tune into it and learn to understand it.

Within the concept of neuroplasticity, I mentioned to one of the driver’s a book written by a professor of Neuroscience, Antonio Damasio, “Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain“. In the process of formulating new thoughts or tasks, the neurons involved are not located in specific areas, but the brain creates convoluted neural networks spanning different lobes, encoded across different regions, depending on the different associations that are being built in the process. Ultimately, the author talks about the interdependence of emotions, in the reasoning process.

In the field of Neurology, it is understood that in the process of creating thoughts, and specifically, the essential nature of the meaning behind a thought, can not only expand our minds, but also in essence, affect the rest of our body, either beneficially or harmfully.

I mention these, because at the time of the writing, I was compelled to delineate a germinating theory of mine, explaining the how and why of incidents such as synchronistic events, precognition, ESP extrasensory perception, clairvoyance and telepathy as well as multiple discoveries…

I proposed then “that in the formulation of a thought that is taking place within my brain, and a similar meaning pattern that is outside of me; that those concepts, resonant in meaning and intent, intercept one another.”

But first, let me backtrack and relate one perspective that radically shifted my focus. My intention then was to make a point of the power of “thought”, until I read some words on the subject of thought by Sri Chinmoy. In this paper he distills the difference between ‘thought’ and ‘mind’, saying that the former is typically generated by the ego, involving ‘desire’ – among typically a lot of chatter and noise – and the latter, more to do with ‘aspiration’, typically involving silencing the mind and opening the heart.

With this in mind, allow me to introduce the missing dimension: “quantum consciousness”. I’ve rewired my theory, having been introduced to the work of a theoretical quantum physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami.

Deepak Chopra, an Indian American physician, states that “we live in the Age of the Higher Brain, the cerebral cortex that has grown enormously over the last few millennium, overshadowing the ancient, instinctive lower brain.” He has been among the pioneers of quantum medicine. However, it was from the writing of Amit Goswami, in his paper, “Signatures of the Divine“, that I learned of his concepts, and how they can be applied to illuminate my theory.

In the introduction to the paper, Amit says “This entire paper is an exercise in how to take the straightjacket of scientific materialism off our back.” Parallel to what the Native Americans stated in “The White Way”, with reference to the fact that “They perceive that at the present time, doors are opening to different dimensions, and as multi-dimensional beings, it is up to us to now move through them, and leave the prison of our limited consciousness behind.”

In the world of sub-atomic particles, a new dimension is introduced, unlike the causal laws in physics, in which the “observer” affects the outcome of that being measured. With respect to the ‘double slit experiments‘, (believe me I’m no physicist nor mathematician) within quantum physics, this link contains a basic explanation for the lay person like me, to get an idea of the terminology that Dr. Goswami uses.

The conclusions drawn in the double slit experiments, is that “the electron leaves the source as a particle, becomes a wave of potentials and interferes with itself when it hits the wall. This phenomenon is known as a wave-particle duality, the concept that matter and energy exhibits both wave-like and matter-like properties…The electron once leaving the source goes into what is known as superposition, (in which) the electron takes every conceivable and inconceivable path, through both slits, through one slit, through no slits rebounding against the sheet, around the experiment. However, upon measuring this, the wave function collapses, and is forced to go through a single slit; going back to behaving like a particle, no longer demonstrating the interference pattern of waves. Quanta, the discreet bundles of energy that basically, in the form of electrons or protons demonstrate not linearly moving from one energy level around the orbit of an atom, but jump; discontinuously appearing in this or that orbit.

In Signatures of the Divine, Amit “argues that quantum physics shows us the way, by giving us back downward causation and its agent—Quantum consciousness (popularly called God) acting through the observer. In Newtonian physics, objects are determined things. But in quantum physics, objects are possibilities for consciousness to choose from. When an observer looks, the observer’s consciousness chooses among the quantum possibilities, to collapse an actuality of experience. Quantum collapse is downward causation.” Upward causation would be for example, describing “a flow” experience, as occurring because of “muscle memory” or some other biological/chemical function occurring in the body.

My intent in correlating his concepts with my paper, is not to attempt to prove the existence of God; I have more of an allegiance with the concepts of the psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, who coined the term “synchronicity” as well as “collective unconscious” and illustrated in his theories a world of archetypal images that are essentially meaning. I see the quantum aspects which Dr. Goswami alludes to – the “supramental”; as consisting of archetypes of meaning, describing what we experience when collapsed into biological functions as intuition.

Amit further states that “We create our own reality through quantum collapse involved in making an observation, but there is a subtlety in consciousness. We do not create reality in our ordinary state of consciousness, but in a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

Here is where the distinction between “thought” and “mind” arises, and where intention, coming either from conscious or unconscious processes, over-rules. Amit describes the results of the Nobel laureate physicist who first thought of the paradox of Wigner’s friend: Goswami stated that “After many decades, three physicists at different places and times, Ludwig Bass (1971) in Australia, myself (Goswami, 1989, 1993) at Oregon, and Casey Blood (2001) at Rutgers, New Jersey, independently discovered the solution of the paradox: consciousness is one, non-local and cosmic, behind the two people’s local individuality.”

Amit talks of the ‘speed limit’ imposed on the universe by Einstein, in which no thing can travel faster than the speed of light. “Quantum physics, besides discontinuity, gives us another amazing principle to operate with–non-locality. The principle of locality says that all communication must proceed through local signals that have a speed limit.” I concur, adding that thought is not limited by this, but instantaneous, moving from past, present to future. As you read, and actively think about what I’ve written, you will process the ideas through images you create. Creating new links from the outside, or drawing from within; memories, dreams and reflections of ideas. All of these imprint the screen through which you are looking.

However, Goswami, as well as Chinmoy specify a distinction between ordinary thought and a consciousness within which we are all enfolded. “Quantum non-locality is–a signal-less interconnectedness outside space and time… The situation is saved by the idea of unconscious processing, a part and parcel of the creative process. It is conscious processing that costs time.” He writes about this also in his book Quantum Creativity (Goswami, 1999).

My guess is that when you have a sudden flash of insight or intuition, that this is an a-causal, non localized, immediate apprehension or grasp of a concept; connecting the web of neuro synaptic connections within our brains, along with the entangled hierarchical relationships with events and people – experiences – outside. A leap occurs, discontinuously triggered either from outside or inside – it doesn’t matter – at which time the energy that is oscillating at the same frequency from both sources, coalesces. Sort of the same concept as having receptors in our brains that are similar to the chemical makeup of a substance outside of the brain, thus triggering the response. If the receptors weren’t there, there would be no perceived affect. And in the case of the subtleties of meaning and intent within conscious awareness, when a symmetry occurs with similar archetypes, a concept can be received and ignited, occurring as a sudden realization.

Even more elegant, perhaps information goes back and forth through a conduit like an umbilical cord, or worm hole, from what we see and perceive through our senses of matter, connecting with meaning structures, instantaneously, in another space-time, thus explaining the phenomena of intention manifesting in matter, and information received expressed as intuition.

What does this mean? In terms of free will vs. determinism, nature vs. nurture… both are true. Regarding the emotional/physical/mental aspects of a human being; your physical body is pretty much limited by your skin’s surface on the outside, though even this can be influenced and permeated by the mind. With respect to the emotional/mental sphere, ‘thought’ processes ‘appear’ to occur localized within the brain. Yet, regarding the ‘mind’ and the supramental, this is as much a part of a gigantic fabric of energy wave particles that permeate all of matter; and when one has the experience of a realization of an object of knowledge, without thought, it simply is there in the mind anew.

Just as our physical body contains miles of DNA, encoded with information from the past of all life, so does our conscious (potential), consist of an energy fabric of waves, in which we are immersed, and through which all archetypes of ideas, present as vibrating possibilities, like seeds of meaning omnipresent in all energy.

We only recently discerned that as the oceans that cover three quarters of the surface of the planet, our bodies are also made up of 75% water. And until also fairly recently in history, man did not have much of a grasp of what air is and what the earth’s atmosphere is made of, nor realized that much of the chemical make-up of our bodies consists of the same elements found within the soils and rock of our planet. Scientists still haven’t figured out why the mass of the universe, surpasses the weight of all of the planets in the cosmos, revealed through calculations measuring how fast the universe is expanding.

We are however creatures living within the limits of our world(s), with lots of ‘noise and clutter’ of information all around us, much of it we don’t need or use. Therefore, we remain more or less distracted and confined, within the world we perceive with our senses. Perhaps every thought or idea, discovery or invention, is part of a supramental | a priori | state of existence, in which all concepts have always existed, and it has been only through various triggers, that these became ‘conscious’ throughout mankind’s time on this planet; erupting among different people(s) during various times. Perhaps all “ideas/concepts” mathematical laws… already exist within themselves, and are the basic building blocks of consciousness; archetypes of truths which have always been present within the kernel of the entire ‘becoming’ of the universe. And this web of consciousness, present within the seed of all life that ever did and will happen; a blueprint not contained with a particular space-time location, but everywhere at once as a hologram of possibilities. An idea which could potentially be ignited, to collapse into an event, when the leverage occurs to unite the connection; of which the essential element must be a similar meaning. Meaning or intention, as energy in its purist form.

Therefore, when Native American Indians of the Amazon talk of being directly given information from indigenous plants upon ingesting them, or Aborigines ‘becoming’ or ‘dreaming’ the thing which they need to be connected to, this has nothing to do with the traditional material/linear way of thinking. This has to do with directly apprehending something, through a matching of intent. The intention, conscious or unconscious, transported and arched to the concept, via the ‘waves’ of emotion. A conception, is already present within the cells and systems of life on the micro level, within animals plants. So the world as we know it, with homo sapiens and their ‘brains’ at the top, is actually ‘upside down’. Humans are conduits to intelligence and highly sophisticated processes, that appear to be conscious, yet occurring readily and immediately, within the minutest fabric of life. We appear to be the last to ‘get it’. In a funny circular kind of way, science is finally showing the head of the snake, it’s tail.

As I was somehow coming to an intuitive conclusion, that the lines that I describe within my dream (in the caption of this worm hole diagram below)
are energy, no they’re space-time, then I thought, could they be all of these, and I linked to this information.

“The three media — time, space and energy — are waved together. Each has its own properties and behaviors, but one cannot exist without the others….Energetic activity means space and time…In space, different energy levels appear from time to time. Their activity brings about the appearance of swirls, which cause changes of time and space (phase transitions).”

The connection between “Space, Time, Energy & Matter” are discussed clearly for the layperson in this paper, in which Bernard Cloutier reveals the unfolding of our understanding, through scientific discoveries. In his description:

“Quantum mechanics deal with the way that energy exists only in discrete packets, or quanta, at the ultra microscopic scale of the fundamental building blocks of the universe rather than in the continuously varying amounts we are familiar with in classical physics. For example, the single electron of the hydrogen atom flies around the nucleus only in certain orbits that correspond to specific energy levels. The electron cannot occupy intermediate orbits but it can jump from one orbit to a higher or lower one by acquiring or losing a quantum of energy in the form of a photon.

Quantum mechanics describes how the electromagnetic force, the weak force and the strong force interact with matter. The model on which quantum mechanics is based uses the same idealized concept of dimensionless points used in the model of an ideal gas. It presumes that the fermions that make up matter (electrons, quarks and their antimatter partners), and the bosons that transmit energy (photons, gluons and weak gauge bosons), are dimensionless entities that differ only by their various attributes such as mass, charge and spin. ( Later, it became evident that a new concept called ‘string theory‘ was the only way to reconcile general relativity with quantum mechanics.)

According to this theory, fundamental particles are the manifestations of the vibration of extremely small regions of space, various modes of these vibrations giving rise to all the known fermions and bosons.

String theory eventually postulated the existence of six “curled up” dimensions in addition to the four “extended” dimensions we know, (right-left, up-down, front-back and past-future) to provide all the vibration modes required to give rise to all the known fundamental particles.

What does this last string of references have to do with my point about consciousness? That’s precisely it, consciousness is not a point from my ego localized here, and your ego localized area, but is a multi-dimentional interwoven mesh of energy waves, that together with sensory perceptions and awareness, which we (I and you) perceive as “subjective”, in so far as we are only consciously operating within the four dimensions of space-time. Consciousness is perhaps like a primordial soup of collective unconscious and/or a supramental reservoir; from which just as the DNA in every cell has the blueprint of the entire organism encoded within, our “mind” taps into this collective “consciousness”, within which we are contained. Consciousness is not ‘in our brain’, which can spin off all sorts of debris (some of you may think of my ideas as just that !-) called “thinking”, but a channel, tunneling into this multi-dimensional vibrating entity that encodes information regarding meaning which is implicit, to and from which we all have periodic lapses. ‘-)

Ironically, what has taken me 7 pages to describe (and still working on simplifying), Bill Hicks, the now deceased comic, was able to convey with humor and eloquence in 60 seconds, in the 8/8 part of a live show recorded, called Revelations.