Trees Reflected in Water | Faber Castell watercolor pencils

Here’s a new painting (progression) Trees Reflected in Water progression. I like to take pictures as I paint to show to an extent, my process.

Trees Reflected in Water Progression, Faber Castell watercolor pencils

Trees Reflected in Water Progression



I bicycled twice there, 8.8 miles roundtrip, and still hadn’t completed it. It gets dark too early and its a bit cold to sit outside, so I completed the last touches, mostly adding water, at home using photos I took  ––when the wind wasn’t blowing the reflecting into ripples as when I was painting.

Slater Mill Pawtucket Woonasquatucket river, Providence

Slater Mill Pawtucket Woonasquatucket river Providence










I found this place by accident. I went off bicycling in a new direction, over an unfamiliar bridge and 4.4 miles later, found this place by accident. I found actually some lovely shrubbery too. I discovered these old buildings and a waterfall, then a trail. It’s the Slater Mill. It was empty the first time, the second time the parking lot was full – it happened to be the once a month that the historic house has a free tour.

Trees Reflected in Water, Faber Castell  watercolor pencils

Trees Reflected in Water

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Aspiring writer, artist, musician and composer who was born and raised in the United States and has resided in several European countries. Communication is my forte; both through using various tools and in approaching people of divers backgrounds to gather information. Speak conversational - advanced intermediate - French, German and Spanish. Love interacting with people in cultural centers as much as going to remote places to learn more about the different creatures that share our planet. Love of the outdoors and of a variety of outdoor sports. Driven to learn and expand my own consciousness and understanding through curiosity and love of life. Creative skills merge with analytical ones, leading to an interest in a myriad of topics; ranging from politics, economics, science to environmental. Motivated to use my art, music and writing to support and educate people towards humane practices that support and respect all of life, including practices supporting a healthy planet.

One Response to Trees Reflected in Water | Faber Castell watercolor pencils

  1. Loren Booda says:

    The closer I get to your watercolor, the more detailed the texture of the foreground tree, the rippling water ans the steel-grey sky. (What type of trees are these, growing out of the water? Great technique for both.) “Trees Reflected” lifts me up, though, a witness to waning days. The light present may reflect your wishes for summer sun, despite the clouds. Somewhat like painting at arm’s length from the canvas, you have conserved midday light near the solstice by hours.

    Are you mostly self-taught? I noticed your signature for the first time. Do you find that a jacket restrains your delicate strokes? It certainly doesn’t show. How about other park visitors; do they encourage or interfere? Do you see any wildlife there? You have improved in the short time I have known of your paintings.

    The tree in the foreground draws aside the scene like it would a curtain. The tilt of the shore vs. the vertical growth adds a bit of impressionistic license. I can see you pedaling, materials on your back, ever true to your work and philosophy. You do what few people in our society do – live your conscience. Have you considered how to preserve your art for posterity?

    The presentation to your painting gives a pleasant rush, either by zooming in, time lapse or an initial introduction. Again, the subject interchanges between both reality and subjectivity. Perhaps what your work reflects best is a conversation between the artist and the appreciator, a dance of daylight. As a whole, it catches my heart.

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