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2020 Version, TOC, Table of Contents, Carol Keiter, Young Adult educational ebook, A Seahorse Tale, A Spin on the Matter of Motion


Young Adult Educational eBook, A Seahorse Tale A Spin on the Matter of Motion, Carol Keiter, conservation, natural world, renewable, climate change, climate crisis, global warming, education, ebook

2020 Version, TOC, Table of Contents, Carol Keiter, Young Adult educational ebook, A Seahorse Tale, A Spin on the Matter of Motion



Spiraling motion induces Magnetism

Carol Keiter, Young Adult educational ebook, A Seahorse Tale, A Spin on the Matter of Motion


adora and vitali a spin on the matter of motion, water funnel baobab

A Seahorse Tale A Spin on the matter of motion, water funnel baobab











Waterfunnel painting











Doing the writing, editing, illustrations, formatting on my own. If you have any suggestions or connections to schools, educational publishers or donations, please send them my way.

Carol Keiter aka nomadbeatz welcomes donations for her writing, photography, illustrations, eBook & music composition


Carol Keiter aka nomadbeatz welcomes donations for her writing, photography, illustrations, eBook & music composition

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Here is the most recent 1st segment, updated as of April 11, 2022  Table of Contents (TOC). 

The bibliography which references links, is searchable by subject.

I need some guidance about how to Market my eBook to Educational Material Brokers: private/public/home schools/charter/expeditionary learning..

Hello there,

Any parents, teachers, home-schoolers, educational book publishers, agents, promotors out there who have a clue about who to contact in the arena of educational material brokers? In other words, I need help knowing where to start in the marketing end, to get my book into schools as auxiliary learning digital reading material? When I was a substitute teacher in Santa Fe, New Mexico all the elementary school students had iPads, and the middle and high school kids all had laptops. So that’s the gist of it and the arena I’m aiming for!

I’m writing an educational ebook for kids & young adults; i.e. private/public/charter/home schools/autistic/accelerated/expeditionary learning | 2018-19 year | I need help marketing it to educational material brokers. I am (92%) completed and really excited about it. I haven’t had any council about how to go about doing this: agent, marketing, self-publishing?

It’s designed as a learning tool. My intent is to market it to kids and young adults (home schoolers, autistic/accelerated students, public/private/charter and expeditionary learning schools.

I’ve designed it uniquely as an eBook for digital audiences, I’d never get away with the cost of printing, with almost every page featuring a color image. For the most part the book,

“Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion”

delves into the world of energy and information, electromagnetism and systems theory. It’s a tale incorporating a great deal of information about physics and the interconnectedness of life. The subjects evolve as the characters unveil them. It is an interplay of art, science and spirituality.

Adora & Vitali: A Spin on the Matter of Motion

As said, there are images on most of the (circa 180) pages, most in color. Many feature my artwork illustrating characters as well as graphs and images with documented sources, which illustrate the subject matter.

Each ‘chapter’ is a page. The table of contents is a searchable index of subjects. The book can  either be read from the beginning to end, or the reader can skip to different subjects; to focus on that topic or contents for a day, or week. I’ve designed the bibliography in google docs to enable the links to be cross-referenced alphabetically.

I have never done this before. I do not have an agent, nor any tentacles in writing groups or marketing channels. I am doing the research, writing, illustration and editing myself. I intended initially to market it myself, however certainly there are people who specialize in specifically connecting educators with educational material – through educational market brokers.

It will be completed by this summer. Now wait, that’s technically 4 weeks. Yes, I could conceivably pull that off!  Yet, the specific market I’m aiming for is the coming academic school year of 2018/2019. I have no income or sources of revenue presently and am in credit debt. That’s why I’m commuting to the library by bicycle every day: in order to have a desk, electricity, WiFi and an extraordinarily pleasant place to work. (I can’t afford to sit in a cafe and purchase an Americano every day to linger and loiter there….it ads up.

I would appreciate any advice or leads. Naturally, detailed information about the contents of the book are readily available. I’m so excited, hardly anyone has even taken a peak at this. Wow, and it’s been at various bursts, my baby. I’m ready to give this little body of work a life of its own and  share it (at a price) with the world. Hey, I share all the information in the blogs I write, for free, giving the information away. I do foresee wanting to do a lot more writing and music, and do have to pay rent and things like that. Presently, I’ve been camping in a room in the state of Rhode Island. I couldn’t stay in France, no VISA presently. I am so excited to hear the responses and really believe in what I’ve been crafting. As I’ve heard other writer’s say, at some points I feel like the book is writing itself.

I look forward to guidance about what my next step is in bringing this to the appropriate recipients; buyers.

Carol Keiter
(720) 243-2953

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Carol Keiter aka nomadbeatz welcomes donations for her writing, photography, illustrations, eBook & music composition

carol the blogger March 24th, 2017 in New Mexico

carol the blogger March 24th, 2017 in New Mexico

Carol Keiter contact

Carol Keiter contact

Sovereignty of Consciousness | Psychoactive Plants as Guides | Graham Hancock TED talk | Rupert Sheldrake TED talk

Graham Hancock’s banned TED Talk on The War on Consciousness deserved all of the applause that it received. He talks of human consciousness as emerging through ancient and sacred visionary psychoactive plants, as teachers in themselves. Yes, the plants as the guides, that have been used throughout history, including among indigenous populations around the world today, as sacred vehicles to discovering our own human dimension of consciousness.

Graham Hancock , The War on Consciousness, Mother Ayahuasca

Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness Message of Mother Ayahuasca plant

“By demonizing whole areas of consciousness, we deny ourselves the possibility of our own human evolution. We can’t claim to be free, until along with the right to freedom of speech, we demand the right of adult sovereignty over consciousness. We have the right to make sovereign decisions with respect to our own consciousness, including the responsible use of ancient and sacred visionary (psychoactive ) plants.”

Graham Hancock, The War on Consciousness, ancient traditions, psychoactives, Soma of the Vedas

Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness various ancient traditions use of psychoactives Soma of the Vedas

I see that Graham Hancock has written numerous books, which is revealed in his website. He declares that
ayahuasca is not alone, but part of an ancient worldwide system of targeted, careful, deliberate, responsible alteration of consciousness. Kykeon used in the Eleusinian mysteries of ancient Greece, Soma was a beverage used in the Vedas of India, perhaps a psychoactive fungus, the Amanita muscaria, DMT, the Lotus used by ancient Egyptians in their “Tree of Life” belief system and shamans of indigenous peoples presently use various mind altering substances such as ayahuasca and peyote or psilocybin mushrooms…to create a relationship of what the ancient Egyptians called ‘Ma’at‘, balanced harmony with the universe.

Maat, ancient Egyptian goddess, truth, Maat, Ma'at, ancient Egyptian, truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, justice

Maat ancient Egyptian goddess of truth, Maat or Ma’at was the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice


I participated in a peyote ceremony while residing in Taos, New Mexico. The sacred ritual took place in a tee pee from dusk to dawn on the reservation of the Taos Pueblo.

peyote ceremony, Teepee - Tipis, lains Indians

the peyote ceremony took place in a Teepee – Tipis are typical of the Plains Indians

I was invited by a young Native American girl whom I had gotten to know. I knew of these ceremonies years earlier, and perhaps was motivated to attend one more for recreational reasons. The opportunity didn’t arrive until after a I experienced being in an automobile accident which dramatically caused me to reassess my life. It was only then that the possibility arose. It is said, you don’t choose the peyote, the peyote chooses you.

When I arrived at the designated time and place, she was not to be found. I was nevertheless accepted. I accompanied a woman to her kitchen while she prepared for the ceremony cutting corn husks which had been blessed. These rectangles were then rolled with tobacco, which were each smoked at the onset of the ceremony, as our individual and collective prayers were carried by the rising curls of smoke. The ceremony was conducted by the Elders, to heal someone in the tribe who had asked for this to take place. We each directed our thoughts – prayers – towards this person’s healing as well as our own.

I talk about this in my blog Burning The Man: A Utopian Requiem describing that the ceremony was steeped in ritual movements. I had been assigned to an individual next to whom I sat in the circle, to ensure that my movements would not alter the Feng Shui deliberacy. Instructed to simply bow forward if I needed to regurgitate, that the fire-keeper would take care of this, as he methodically fed the fire in the center of the human circle for the duration; raking the coals and shaping the burning embers from a thin crescent moon in the beginning, to a full circle by its’ end 12 hours later.

Graham Hancock implores offers that “We have no right to go around the world imposing our version of democracy, while we nourish this rot within the heart of our own society. It may even be that we are denying ourselves in the most vital step in our own consciousness.”

Graham Hancock, War on Consciousness , Tree of Life, Egyptians, DMT

Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness Tree of Life of Ancient Eqyptians and use of DMT

Hancock mentions that the Amazon is a horrific example of neglect; where the lungs of the planet are being dismantled; clearing the forest to grow soybean to feed cattle, so that we can eat hamburgers. “It’s an insane global state of consciousness, an abomination.”

Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness Amazon rainforest - the lungs of the earth - cleared to plant industrial soybean to feed cattle to make hamburgers.

Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness Amazon rainforest – the lungs of the earth – cleared to plant industrial soybean to feed cattle to make hamburgers.

The rot he’s speaking of is witnessed through alienation, separation, a disconnect to nature and other life forms in addition to other humans. As witnessed by gun violence, wars, in a culture in which there are more lawyers, psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies prescribing drugs to tame a whole host of modern so-called psychiatric dis orders, which themselves are as much attributed to the alienation that our society, consumed with material acquisition, competition through material appendages and the material interpretation through the sciences of the world around us. The need for weapons, protection, which the pharmaceutical military industrial complex insights, and the disintegration of relationships and recognition of the interrelatedness of all species and awe and respect of all life, is feeding the ego and enforcing competition rather than cooperation.

Graham Hancock, The War on Consciousness, demonizing, consciousness, deny evolution

Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness by demonizing areas of consciousness we deny our own evolution

He mentions the slew of drugs that are accepted in this culture, stimulants like teas, coffee and the sloppiness of alcohol, yet visionary plants that have been used in religious ritual for eons and which are part of the emergence of human consciousness, are suspect and illegal.


Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author. He proposes that “everything depends on evolving habits, not on fixed laws. His hypothesis of ‘Morphic Resonance’, is that everything in nature has a collective memory; resonances are based on similarity – even crystals have a collective memory.”

Rupert Sheldrake, Morphic Resonance, self-organizing systems, inherit memory

Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Resonance – Self-organizing systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems

He elaborates on the reasoning behind this lack of comprehension, talking about the The Science Delusion. Sheldrake approaches the subject by questioning the authority of the tenets of science, turning the basic scientific materialism-based dogmas into questions.

He proposes that this is the default worldview worldwide, of educated people….and proceeds to demonstrate how utterly non-factual these rules are.

…revealing in his TED talk that in fact the opposite is true, to what is proposed, that:

1. nature is mechanical and machine like – nature, animals & plants are like machines, brains are genetically programmed computers

2. matter is unconscious- no consciousness in stars, galaxies, animals and plants

3. the laws of nature and constants of nature are fixed; they will be the same forever

4. the total amount of matter and energy is always the same – it never changes in quantity – the big bang, everything sprang up out of nothing

5. nature is purposeless; there are no purposes in nature and the evolutionary process is completely purposeless

6. biological heredity is material; everything is inherited form the genes

7. memories are stored in side your brain as material traces; everything you remember is in your brain, modified proteins

8. your mind is inside your head; all consciousness is the activity of your brain and nothing more

9. psychic phenomena like telepathy are impossible; your thoughts and intentions can not have any effect at a distance because everything is inside your head. therefore, all psychic phenomena is illusory; people are deceived by coincidences or wishful thinking

10.mechanistic medicine is the only kind that works; complimentary and alternative therapies can’t possibly work (due to the placebo effect)

In my digesthis blog, presently I write about food sovereignty.

carol_selfie_sun copy
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What Humans Currently Do | Excerpt from “The Universe Story”

Our Solar System arose 4.5 Billion years ago. The Earth has evolved – through a series of transformations – to even enable life to form.

From the beginning, as our universe continues to evolve in its cosmogenesis, intelligent intent is present – at all levels > towards differentiation, autopoiesis and communion.

NASA image, Cygnus Loop, Supernova Stellar Explosion, 15,000 years ago

NASA image Cygnus Loop Supernova Stellar Explosion 15,000 years ago


Excerpts from the authors

Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry of “The Universe Story”

Ecological Buddhism – A Buddhist Response to Global Warming

Presently, the human race enters the The Ecozoic Era.

Brian Swimme is one of the main people with whom to study, to understand the cosmological shift necessary to a new cosmology.



“As the natural world recedes in its diversity and abundance, so the human finds itself impoverished in its economic resources, its imaginative powers, its human sensitivities and in significant aspects of its intellectual intuitions.”

Devastation of Rainforest

Davastation of a Rainforest


Here’s a link to the footage of Forest Heroes from a drone of the devastation of a rainforest: Astra’s forest destruction in Indonesia.


“The pathos is that we are presently deliberately terminating the most awesome splendor that the planet has yet attained. We are extinguishing the rainforests, the most luxuriant life system of the entire planet, at the rate of an acre each second of each day. Each year we are destroying a rainforest area the size of Oklahoma.

Throughout the planet we are not only extinguishing present forms of life, yet also eliminating the very conditions for the renewal of life in some of its more elaborate forms.

We have moved from such evils as suicide, homicide, and genocide, to biocide and geocide, the killing of the life systems of the planet and the severe degradation if not the killing of the planet itself. We have moved from simple physical assault on the planet, to disturbance of the chemical balance of the planet through our petrochemical industries, to questionable manipulation of the genetic constitution of the living being of the planet by our genetic engineering, to the radioactive wasting of the planet through our nuclear industries.”

Bird sanctuary,  Gulf Petrochemicals Industries Co.

Bird sanctuary at Gulf Petrochemicals Industries Co.


Ironically, this image of a bird sanctuary at Gulf Petrochemicals Industries Co., is courtesy of the president of the Petro company. A public relations blog on how hunky dory everything is, with the company sitting on top of a fragile ecosystem.



“That human well-being could be achieved by diminishing the well being of the Earth, that a rising Gross Domestic Product could ignore the declining Gross Earth Product, is the basic flaw in the Wonderland Myth.”



“These centuries of “progress” are now ending with increasing stress for the human is final evidence that;

what humans do to the outer world they do to their own interior world.


! Next Blog ¡ What we humans need to do in our emerging Echoic Era, to allow the paradigm shift in our conscious awareness to emerge.

We are Earth> Occupy the Planet!

The gravity of the Electric Universe Theory | 99.99% is Plasma |

I recently heard of the theory of the electric a.k.a. plasma universe, and was compelled to explore it. Soon I realized that there’s a bit of not sibling rivalry, but a charged distinction between the two. It’s as if one begets the other. “The Electric Universe is a variant of Plasma Cosmology” and it is necessary to differentiate between the two. Whereas they share more similarities than differences, EU ideas tend to go a step further. For example, the authors of “Plasma Cosmology & Electric Universe Theory” clarify that in EU theory: The magnetic fields we see in space are created by ionized plasma which is electrically conductive. Large electrical currents flow through space plasma, which can ultimately explain observations that are currently attributed to things such as black holes or dark matter. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) studying the Van Allen Radiation Belts (RBSP) mention; The standard Law of Gravity relies exclusively on the masses of celestial bodies and the distances between them…Yet nearly 90% of the mass necessary to account for the observed motion is missing. That something which is missing, the Electric Universe theory has the answer to; the missing component is electricity, in a visible universe within which 99.999% is plasma.

It appears that the history books have been leaning towards one point of view, so as to not disrupt the popular consensus. The physicist Wallace Thornhill proclaims that the concepts of black holes and dark matter are ‘virtual possibilities’ contrived through the complex mathematical equations of theoretical physicists, to explain the ‘black holes’ in their theories. Listening to his presentation about the electrical nature of the universe in Thunderbolts of the Gods, Thornhill introduces us to the electrical properties of things and what lead him to his conclusions and presents his ideas of the elegant simplicity of the electrical universe. And in this digitized article about the electrical nature of gravity in holoscience, he makes his case. Regarding this rift in the culture of western science, Thornhill stresses that the current school of thought favoring Einstein’s principles of gravity and space-time, has lead us in the wrong direction.

A number of scientists who performed experiments to empirically demonstrate their theories about the electrical nature of the universe, had results which were decidedly, impertinent. They bucked the popular understanding of the time; Einstein’s theories of relativity published in 1916 (based on Newton’s 17th century principles of universal gravitation) designated gravity as a property of space-time, holding the solar system together. And that nothing goes faster than the speed of light. Yet allegedly, even Einstein wasn’t fully convinced of the air-tightness of his own theories.

Nikola Tesla was one of the people whose theories tore at the popular beliefs of the time. A contemporary of Einstein, their ideas were in competition. One of his inventions around 1891, was the Tesla coil, an electrical resonant transformer circuit.

Ampère’s discoveries back in the 1820’s, also threatened the status quo years later. SHOULD THE LAW OF GRAVITY BE REPEALED?
 The Suppressed Electrodynamics of Ampère-Gauss-Weber written by Laurence Hecht. Ampère’s new science ‘electrodynamics’, declared that the force between the elements was not simply dependent on the inverse square of their distance of separation (gravity) but in addition, depended on the angles which these infinitesimal, directional elements made with the line connecting their centers, and with each other.

It was Kristian Birkeland, a Norwegian scientist, in his experiments back in the 19th century which lead to the eventual study of plasma physics and recognition in the 1950’s of the fourth state of matter, plasma.

Besides solids, liquids and gases, the fourth state of matter is plasma. Plasma is an ionized or charged gas, into which sufficient energy is provided to free electrons from atoms or molecules and to allow both species (ions and electrons) to coexist. In effect a plasma is a cloud of protons, neutrons and electrons, in which all the electrons have come loose from their respective molecules and atoms, giving the plasma the ability to act as a whole rather than as a bunch of atoms.

Birkeland’s research into the phenomenon of the Aurora borealis lead to proposing that this was an electromagnetic occurrence. His results lead to detecting for the first time a global pattern of electric currents in the polar region from ground magnetic field measurements. Extending the discovery of Telluric currents – electrical currents running along the earth’s crust and oceans to the Birkeland currents in the Earth’s magnetosphere, which are driven by the solar wind, the interplanetary magnetic field and by bulk motions of plasma through the magnetosphere (convection which is indirectly driven by the interplanetary environment).

Electricity is apparent throughout the universe, it has been identified beneath our feet, in animals and plants, throughout our biosphere (including the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere) and to the furthest reaches of the Universe. Electricity is present wherever there is plasma. Plasmas are the most common state of matter in the universe, comprising more than 99% of our visible universe, most of which is not visible. Plasma occurs naturally and makes up the stuff of our sun, the core of stars and occurs in quasars, x-ray beam emitting pulsars, and supernovas.

On earth, plasma is naturally occurring in flames, lightning and the auroras. This plasma state is a magnetic field in which electric currents are everywhere. The galaxies are connected by huge electric currents flowing through the universe. Most space plasmas have a very low density, for example the Solar Wind which averages only 10 particles per cubic-cm. Inter-particle collisions are unlikely – hence these plasmas are termed collisionless.

In a former model, the sun was perceived as a burning fire in the sky; a nuclear fusion from a source within itself, that will eventually burn out. The electric universe theory, however, sees the sun as receiving energy from the rest of the universe. The sun, as a typical star, is a focus for that energy.

Solar electricity is revealed as solar flares produce current loops.

When viewing sun spots, the center is dark. If the sun is radiating energy from its core into space, then why are the center of the sun spots – where you can see deepest into the sun – the darkest and coldest places? If the center of the sun is a “nuclear fusion furnace”, (hydrogen to helium fusion), this should be the hottest. The umbra, the center of the sun spots, is dark, revealing that the sun is electrical in nature.

This diagram reveals that the sun’s surface temperature is 6,000 K, whereas the corona is 2,000,000 degrees K. The corona is an electrical phenomena. The electric model says that the energy is arriving from outside the sun, where particle acceleration occurs.

The particles in a solar wind, increase in velocity with increasing distance. They accelerate with increasing velocity, the faster they move away from the sun. These are charged particles; an electrical process. Put a charged particle in an electric field, and it will accelerate.

During the day using a solar filter, one can see the electromagnetic activity of our own Sun tossing immensely hot filaments of plasma into space. We can demonstrate the existence of these currents that flow between galaxies and stars by the presence of the magnetic fields they generate. Magnetic fields are generated by electric currents.

With bigger telescopes, like Hubble, astronomers can see intricately arrayed Birkeland currents winding through planetary nebulae. The heart of our galaxy is brightly lit in a sparkling electromagnetic rainbow driven by powerful electrical currents carried on intergalactic transmission lines.

“The Universe is not an abstract mathematical construct of dark matter halos, black hole singularities or geometrically perfect neutron stars. It is filled with electric currents flowing through chaotically beautiful filaments, which can not so easily be captured in linear differential equations.”

Plasma cosmology is officially recognized by the largest professional organization in the world, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), while big bang cosmologists ignore it. And having just perused the Los Alamos National Laboratory website I’m realizing that in fact, this theory has already been going strong with some. Reading Timothy Eastman’s quote, I realize that rather than referring to this as the electric universe theory, it’s more appropriately called the plasma universe!

Plasma is scalable over an enormous number of magnitudes! My other blog references several mind-expanding journeys, put together by various sources at different time periods about the scalability of the universe by the power of 10; revealing its immense size in the macro and micro, in X ten jumps. This image of a plasma lamp displays its properties.

The electrical nature of the universe is further corroborated, as studies of the comet Hales demonstrate its electrical properties.
Typically it occurs as a double braided current in the small scale, as in the image of an electrical discharge produced in a laboratory.

As Thunderbolts of the Gods describes, the ancient symbols in different lands correspond to a description of Venus as a comet. Venus’ tail (flux ropes). Meteoroids are electrically charged due to cosmic rays, solar UV, solar wind. Therefore, the stringy things coming from Venus’s tail reveal that Venus was a comet in ancient times, confirming an electrical model because plasmic currents flow in streams. The various symbols – serpent or dragon, long haired star or gleaming serpent biting its tail – were all describing the structure of a high energy plasma discharge.

The brightness of the dust, on impact of the comet, was finely divided dust. An electrical discharge on a surface will release a very finely divided material, a dust. This is the technique used to sputter fine metals to create astronomical mirrors.

The physicist Wallace Thornbill expresses, that he came to a flash realization while attending a conference in the United States in which David Talbott was showing slides of similar symbols from cultures all over the planet, and realized that these images were in fact, electric discharges, which when

scaled to the size of a galaxy, you see the same structures.

And that this symbolism in many cultures, described an event which occurred in the sky. The language of a comet and language of Venus is the same. A comet is a charged object moving through an electric field, in which the Comet nuclei and dust are charged electrostatically. Comet plasma tails, generate magnetic fields and electric currents. What brought the disciplines together, was the discovery of the similarities between early symbolism which were part of myths all over the planet, to the electric nature of the universe.

The Swedish electrical engineer and plasma physicist, Hannes Alfvén argued in 1937, “that if plasma pervaded the universe, it could then carry electric currents capable of generating a galactic magnetic field. After winning the Nobel Prize for his works in magnetohydrodynamics, he emphasized that: In order to understand the phenomena in a certain plasma region, it is necessary to map not only the magnetic but also the electric field and the electric currents. Space is filled with a network of currents which transfer energy and momentum over large or very large distances. The currents often pinch to filamentary or surface currents. The latter are likely to give space, as also interstellar and intergalactic space, a cellular structure.”

His theoretical work on field-aligned electric currents in the aurora (based on earlier work by Kristian Birkeland) was confirmed by satellite observations, in 1974, resulting in the discovery of Birkeland currents. From the first 1820 breakthrough hypothesizing the origin of magnetism in microscopic electrical currents, the Ampère electrodynamics was seen as a means of gaining insight into the microphysical domain.

Thornhill further argues that, “The enormously complex task of adducing the atomic structure from such indirect evidence as that provided by spectroscopy, came to an abrupt, abnormal halt about the time of the 1927 Solvay conference, where Bohr’s great oversimplification of atomic structure was imposed by political thuggery of the worst sort. Here again, we come to the importance of a virtually unknown aspect of Weber’s work.

The point here is best summarized by reference to the last two of the memoirs, published in Weber’s lifetime, under the title Elektrodynamische Maassbestimmungen (Determinations of Electrodynamic Measure). The 1870 memoir, available in English, was the first to come to this writer’s attention, about a decade ago.

Alfvén’s successor, Anthony Perratt of Los Alamos Laboratories, using particle-in-cell computer simulations, has demonstrated the evolution of galactic structures under the influence of electric currents. Peratt’s work contributing to our current view of the plasma universe can be viewed at the Los Alamos government laboratory website on the subject. Through the “pinch effect”, parallel currents converge to produce spiraling structures.”

In “Electric Gravity in an Electric Universe”, Thornhill parlays where the Einstein school diverged, when it moved in the direction of theoretical mathematics. “We missed a chance to include electricity in astronomy in the early 1900s. Birkeland was performing his electrical ‘little Earth,’ or Terrella, experiments in Norway, and Gauss and Weber were discovering the electrical interactions of matter.” The mathematical physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss at Göttingen University, wrote a paper introducing the magnetometer in 1832, substantiating Ampère’s theories; advancing into current studies of Magnetics. He goes on to say that, “Today, physicists labour under misconceptions about the nature of matter and space; the relationship between matter, mass and gravity; the electrical nature of stars and galaxies; and the size, history and age of the universe. So when astrophysicists turn to particle physicists to solve their intractable problems and particle physicists use it as an excuse for squandering billions of dollars on futile experiments, neither party recognizes that the other discipline is in a parlous state. Science seems to have taken a wrong turn about this time. After three hundred years of progressively simplifying the description of the universe, with fewer entities and simpler laws, it suddenly turned the other way, with complexity and entities multiplying like rabbits.”

In “Electric Gravity in an Electric Universe” Thornhill describes Ralph Sansbury’s electrical theory of magnetism and gravity, which he finds the most palatable; subatomic particles as resonant systems of orbiting smaller electric charges, in which the transfer of energy between the subtrons in their orbits, within the classical electron radius, must be resonant and near instantaneous for them to be stable.”

Thornhill says “It’s ironic that such a model requires the electric force between the charges to operate incomparably faster than the speed of light, in order that the electron remain a coherent particle.” Further justifying him to demand that “Einstein’s special theory of relativity, that prohibits signaling faster than light, must be repealed.”

Thornhill’s postulates that “the crucial difference between the near-infinite speed of the electric force and the relative dawdle of light on any cosmic scale, is that the electric force is longitudinal, while light is an oscillating transverse signal moving slowly through a medium.” His theory resonates with me, and the near-infinite speed of the electrical force lays this paradigm, in which the instantaneous transmission of information between minds, ‘makes sense’. Several of my hitchabout journals toy with a way to explain instantaneous information transfer; wherein ESP, intuition and synchronistic phenomena exist in a kind of holographic dimension. Perhaps there’s a plasma transmission of resonant meaning patterns! Jeremy Narby talks about the transmission of knowledge from plants, through his research as an anthropologist.

Here’s a diagram of a plasma bowl consisting of twin braided filaments. Nature finds it efficient to transmit energy by twisting / braiding two twin filaments together

Plasma carries electric currents in space as the filamentary structures in stars, galaxies and in comets.

On the microscopic level as well, nature employs the most efficient method for transmitting energy, in the braided spirals of DNA

The gods must not be that crazy after all.